Can I still eat potato chips?Will eating a new crown?Disease control experts say this

On June 21, Pepsi Corporation notified that an employee in a Beijing factory was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia, which aroused great attention from public opinion.That night, Pepsi Food (China) Co., Ltd. issued an announcement saying that there were eight factories in confirmed cases that only produced small batch of unlimited canned potato chips.Can potato chips eat?What is the relationship between food and viruses?

Feng Zijian, deputy director of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, answered these questions.

Can potato chips eat?Will food spread the new coronal virus?

Feng Zijian said that there are workers in the factory of potato chips in the factory infected with new coronary virus, but did not confirm that workers pollutably food.Until now, no one has found that people are infected by eating food, and don’t worry too much about food safety issues.

Can potato chips eat?Why not infection?Feng Zijian further explained that under room temperature conditions, the virus survived on such dry foods very short. Even if there is contamination, it will quickly lose its activity.

What do you think of the positive environmental testing?

Feng Zijian introduced that the virus was detected in many places in the comprehensive trading hall of Xinfa Land, indicating that the virus had severe pollution in a specific environment.A number of confirmed cases appear in the newly developed land. The preliminary judgment from the current investigation and the results discovered may be that the person’s hands have exposed to the surface of the contaminated object, stained the virus on the hand, and then exposed to the mouth, eyes, nasal mucosa, etc., resulting in the mouth, eye, nasal mucosa, etc., which led to the cause of the mouth, eye, nasal mucosa, etc.Infect.This method is called pollutant spread in epidemiography of infectious diseases.

But these are not the final conclusions. At present, relevant departments are still conducting investigations, research, and repeated discussions. More and deeper investigations are needed to confirm or falsify the inference.

Why is the infection rate of meat product processing enterprises high?

Environmental humid virus is easy to survive

Recently, there have been many cases of new crown pneumonia in the United States and Germany’s meat processing plants. Why does meat product processing companies have such a large proportion of infection?

Feng Zijian introduced that virus transmission may occur in the place where any crowd gathers, and the environment of meat and food processing enterprises is humid, and the spread of pollutants is further superimposed, which may exacerbate the possibility of incidence and spread of workers.

Feng Zijian said that the low temperature environment is beneficial to all viruses, and it is more beneficial to add sewage.Although the virus can survive for a long time in sewage, it will not reproduce or proliferate.

Can you go to ordinary restaurants for dinner?

Hand’s hygiene is very important

Feng Zijian once again emphasized that the new crown virus will not be infected through the catering link, but it needs to prevent interpersonal contact.To prevent the new coronal virus, the hygiene of the hand is very important.Therefore, develop a good habit of washing your hands and minimize the contact, nose, and eyes of dirty hands.

The onset of exposed people in the new hairland market has reached the end

Feng Zijian introduced that by observing the number of cases, diagnosis diagnosis in this round of epidemic, and the time, the composition of cases, sources, etc. of the newly reported disease, and found that the incidence of people who who wholesale markets exposed in Xinfato wholesale market are close to them.end.

Some of the newly issued cases are mainly exposed to the newly exposed personnel and their further spread caused by their community.But at present, the level of communication is very low.This epidemic found that early and control measures were favorable, and the momentum of the spread of the disease spread to the community was effectively controlled. The entire epidemic was controllable.

Source: News Broadcast

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