Can I still eat Lexian potato chips?Reporter visits Zhengzhou Market

Elephant News. New Rural Channel reporter Chen Jingjing

On June 21, eight people in Pepsi Food Company were diagnosed with new crown pneumonia and had been discontinued. Pepsi issued a statement to ensure that the products after the Xinfa Earth’s epidemic had been sealed; all employees involved in the factory involved were isolated at home.Pepsi said in a statement that the affected factories only produce small batch of unlimited canned potato chips.

So can the potato chips selling in the Zhengzhou market still eat with confidence?A reporter with this question visited Dennis, Carrefour and other supermarkets and stores. During the interview, reporters found that most of the Lielian potato chips sold in Zhengzhou market were shipped from Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan and other manufacturers. According to the production date and batches sold on the marketSee, Zhengzhou Lesli potato chips are relatively safe.

For how to determine the manufacturer of potato chips, supermarket staff also told reporters that according to the code of each manufacturer, in the production date encoding, the production date and manufacturer can be determined to understand the true information of each can of potato chips.

At the Beijing press conference on the afternoon of the 21st, Pepsi disclosed the newly developed land input case in the Beijing branch of Bido Food in Daxing District.For a while, it was worried about whether Pepsi and Loose Potato chips carry viruses and whether they could eat viruses.

Whether Pepsi is also involved.On the evening of June 21, Pepsi China posted a clarification news on the official Weibo. There was no confirmed cases of Pepsi Beverage Factory, and normal production and supply nationwide.

Pepsi China said: The production and operation of Pepsi beverages has been carried out in an orderly manner, and has not been suspended from production. Pepsi full series of beverage products meet the national standards and have been supplying normally according to law.

It is reported that the food company that appeared in the diagnosis of the diagnosis was the Daxing Magnetic Wei Road Branch of Pepsi Company, which is a production plant for puffed foods and grain processing products such as potato chips.

According to the official Weibo post of Lewate, only Pepsi Foods are currently affected by the epidemic affected by the Beijing Shinfa Land wholesale market.piece.

After monitoring the input case of Xinfato wholesale market, the factory launched the emergency plan as soon as possible, adopting measures such as discontinuation of production and suspension, environmental elimination, personnel isolation, and comprehensive investigation., Test product safety.

According to the Local Statement, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control of the European and American countries have clearly stated that because the survival rate of these coronary viruses on the surface of the object is extremely low, the virus has been infected from the products or packaging that has been transported for several days or packaged.The risk is extremely low.

After the Safety Statement was issued on June 21 on June 21, the reporter noticed that many netizens still left a message saying: "No matter how how do you declare, now in the sensitive period, as far as I personally, I dare not try easily."I won’t eat anyway." "Whether you can eat it, I threw all the potato chips in my home!"

As for the safety of the food potato chip foods of the netizens, on the morning of June 22, Li Yan, deputy chief physician of the Infectious Infectious Department of Beijing Youan Hospital, told the Health Times reporter, "Potato chips are safe, everyone can rest assured." LiDirector Xi Zeng said that first of all, the surface of the new crown virus can only survive 4 to 5 hours on the surface of the in vitro, and from the current environment and temperature, even in a cool indoor environment, the virus can only survive for 4 to 5 hours.If the temperature of the environment is slightly higher, the virus will survive shorter.Therefore, in the hands of the potato chips from production, factory, sales, and reaching consumers, they will not have a living virus after so long.

"Secondly, the new crown epidemic has exploded for so long, and it has not been found that there are cases of spreading through the digestive tract, that is, a case of getting new crown pneumonia through eating a certain food."Virus, just eating it will not be infected.However, if you are careful to contact the polluted food, you can rub your eyes or touch your nose and nose.

When talking about food safety issues under the new crown epidemic, Director Li said that compared with the previous refrigerated salmon and other meats, viruses may be alive, but fried and puffed foods such as potato chips do not need to refrigerate. The virus does not need to pass it. Regardless of the virus passes, regardless of the passingWhich sales channels usually reach consumers in the hands of more than 4 to 5 hours, so the virus cannot survive.

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