Can I raise dogs during pregnancy?A prospective father said that

Some people say that if you have babies, you ca n’t raise pets, unsanitary, and have no energy … Do babies conflict with pets?If it is you, will you continue to raise pets after having a baby?

Let’s listen to the story of the daddy of Lilac Mom Planet @一起 一起.

His wife who had never had pets since childhood, picked up two dogs in one breath during pregnancy.

The first dog: fireworks

The first is that when I was just pregnant for more than a month, the Typhoon Fireworks of Hangzhou passed the border and heavy rain outside.When we drove home and walked the village road, we saw a wet little poor child wandering on the side of the road.Get out of the car to find it. It was a little scared but not particularly resistant. He took it home and washed it and put it in a carton to get the vaccine. It was so inexplicable to have our first dog.

Since it was picked up by typhoon fireworks, it was named fireworks.

(The day when I came home, I was dirty and ugly)

The father -in -law and mother -in -law knew it and resolutely disagreed.How can I raise a dog during pregnancy?The wife came up with her mother -in -law and quarreled with her mother -in -law.Later, I patiently explained that I had done a comprehensive physical examination. All the vaccines were fulfilled, and I could ensure that my mother -in -law’s urine was cleaned up by me. I would never let my wife touch it.

(After washing and putting on small clothes)

Huahua spent many times during pregnancy.At that time, the wife was not in leave at home because of her poor work, and she was accompanied by a dog during the day. At night, we would take Huahua to take a walk in the community.The children’s playground at night was empty, setting a range of dogs, and it played back and forth. We watched the lights of the moon and the community chatting.

Second dog: coal ball

At about 6 months of pregnancy, my father -in -law and mother -in -law had moved to the community next door.Just in this community, we went out one day, and saw a pure black puppy, walking for a while it was following us.Later, I went to the parking place, and my wife was soft again. I said it was inappropriate because I had a dog at home.The wife said that it was so small that there was no home, and we took it back and then we went to the pet group to adopt.

As a result, the dog was hugged back and did not find it.As a result, the name of the naming coal ball became the second resident of Wang Xing at home.

(I just came to the home coal balls)

We spent the third trimester of pregnancy.Huahua lived in his father -in -law and mother -in -law’s house. Every morning, he accompanied his father -in -law to punch the mountain and buy food with his mother -in -law in the afternoon.The coal ball followed us until the day of production.That night we hurried out to hang out the emergency department, and asked my father -in -law to pick up the coal balls the next morning. In this way, I saw that the two dogs had returned home when confinement.

(Play with dogs during pregnancy)

After returning home, for the health consideration of the baby, his father -in -law took two dogs to the house next door, and went down three times a day to eat.We live with my baby, mother -in -law, and my mother in a community under the mountain.The next afternoon we will walk to help walking the dog, and we will see two little cute.Dogs are very excited to see us every time, and their wives often look for delicious dog food and snacks on the Internet.

Thinking about the baby’s bigger, you can meet two dogs.Since pregnancy, we have been raising three children, two dogs and a baby.When the dogs came, they were all 3 months old, one 4 months old, and they were all babies.

(Huahua, father -in -law, and me in your childhood)

Although it is said that don’t raise dogs during pregnancy, I don’t think it is absolute.These two ordinary small soil dogs accompanied his wife to spend time during pregnancy, giving her a lot of joy and bringing a lot of joy to our family.I hope our babies can play happily with the dogs in the future.

(Huahua is one year old, you can walk me)


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Capture: Xiaoling

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