Can I raise a dog?Zhong Nanshan team said: Raising dogs can help children adapt to sensitive sources

The old dog likes me to return.——Dang Du Fu "Cottage"

It is said that dogs are the most loyal friends of human beings, but the data of social stray dogs today is rising.Have you ever thought about why?I have thought that this is because our human beings have abandoned, and this is because too many rumors shake our original intention of raising our dogs.

The topic we discuss today is: Can you raise dogs?

The biggest reason for expectant mothers to talk about "dogs" is nothing more than fear of infection of "bowworms".Speaking of this "bow -shaped worm"!It is really terrible. It can be parasitic in the cells, reaches all parts of the whole body with blood flow, destroys the brain, heart, and eyes, causing human immunity to decrease and suffer from various diseases.

Of course, as a pregnant mothers with low immunity, the chance of infection of Toxoplasma is also greater than ordinary people.After pregnant mothers infected toxoplasma, they have a high chance that they will be infected with the fetus through the placenta, causing the fetus to have congenital hormone disease, which will cause irreversible harm to the fetus (deformity and physical defects), and even threatening the fetusLife is safe.

Deforms, intellectual disorders, hepatochomy, etc.

Actually, why?It’s just that the dog is the middle host of the "bowworm". Of course, this middle host is not just a dog, what fish like!Birds!Mammal animals!Wait … even humans are the middle host.Let me start talking back to the dog again. After the dog is infected with a bowworm, the bowworm will only exist in the dog’s muscles and blood.Will the dog be contagious?Of course, it also needs an opportunity. For example, you stewed the dog and eat it before you can infected.

After talking about the middle host, it is necessary to tell you the ultimate host.The ultimate host of the Toxoplasma worm is a cat family such as "cat".Don’t panic even if you have a cat at home.Cats will only pull out a poop with bow -shaped eggs in their lifetime, and this stool needs to be put in more than two days to start to become contagious.Of course, infectiousness does not mean that you will be infected. You still have to have an opportunity. For example, you clean up this stool with your bare hands and start eating without washing your hands.

The disease comes from the mouth, and the misfortune comes out of the mouth -Jin Fu Xuan "Mouth"

In fact, the possibility of infection with a hormone from animals is very low, and most of them do not pay attention to diet hygiene.That is, we often say "disease from the mouth".So how do we prevent arch -shaped worms?

1: Pre -pregnancy examination is important

In order to reduce the risk of infection, pre -pregnancy examination is very necessary.Now that medicine is so developed, in fact, many congenital diseases can be prevented by checking.Please don’t sting for your money, take a pet to the pet hospital for a bowworm, take your husband to the hospital for a pre -pregnancy examination, if everything is OK, please continue to get pregnant!If unfortunately infected, please continue to get pregnant after treatment.

2: Diet hygiene

The biggest reason for human infection of Toxoplasma is not to pay attention to diet hygiene. I need to say a few more words in the dietary hygiene. When buying ingredients, you must go to regular places to buy. You must be cooked after meat.Wash it and eat.Of course, in order to avoid cross -infection, the tool cutting tools is best separated from the tools cut vegetables.Important things are emphasized 3 times. During pregnancy, the food should be cooked and then given to the pregnant mother. After pregnancy, the food must be cooked and then eaten for the pregnant mother.

After chatting, let’s talk about pets again.For pets, we suggest that pets are best to raise, and there is nothing to release. In case of eating birds or mice infected with bowworms, it is not good.Secondly, in pet feeding, we hope that we can feed pets or special foods for pets (cats have cat food, dog foods should not say more).

3: Keep a safe distance with pets

Although humans infected with hormone worms from pets are extremely low, it is not impossible.Therefore, in the principle of eugenics and eugenics, we should still get some distance from pets, such as don’t eat foods that pets have ever eaten!Or use pet licking tableware and so on!The specific safety distance still needs to be controlled by yourself.Other people’s dogs don’t need me to say much!

Especially for the most vulnerable moments of expectant mothers in the first three months, we must pay attention to maintaining a safe distance. At this time, the risk of being infected is the most.

4: Let’s give it to the prospective dad to get it!

In fact, pets are a physical work. As a pregnant mother, let’s have less snacks!Just make the pet’s food and drink Lazar to get a quasi -dad to get it!As a prospective father, you must clean up pet poop in time, and you must do a good job of pet hygiene.Well, family hygiene also troubles you to fuck more snacks and let pregnant mothers live in a safe and pollution -free environment.

Although there are many inconveniences of pets during pregnancy, it is not good at all.

First of all, nourishing pets will make pregnant mothers feel good.

The mood of pregnant mothers during pregnancy is generally changing, and a pet at home can bring a lot of happiness to pregnant mothers.Pregnant mothers are in a good mood, which is very important for the fetus.

Secondly, pets can reduce children’s risk of allergies and obesity.

Researchers at the University of Alberta have written in a paper published in the journal "Microbiology Group": The sunny pets of pregnant women or let their children come into contact with pets during infants, which can increase the two types of intestinal gastric bacteria and tremor spirals in the child.The number of bacteria, and these two bacteria have been confirmed in previous studies, which are confirmed to be related to the reduction of children’s allergies and obesity risks, respectively.

When the Zhong Nanshan team successfully became a guest in Guangzhou TV "Health 100fun", he also successfully said that sunlight pets at home can help children adapt to allergies.

Don’t question, please believe authority.

Finally, guess?

I do n’t say, I want to leave you a lot of suspense. After all, the fun of pets, only those who have pets will understand, and you do n’t know if you say it.Write the benefits of pets during pregnancy to see how many people also experience the same feelings.

4 million babies are born each year, and only 1,200 babies are infected by Toxoplasma. The probability of infection is 0.0003%.

The most important point is emphasized again: you must do a regular pregnancy test during pregnancy, find out in time, find out in time, solve it in time, every correct decision will change your child’s life.Do not ignore the pregnancy test because of laziness. Most of the congenital diseases can actually be found through the pregnancy test. Please pay attention to it.

If anyone is telling you that you can’t raise dogs during pregnancy, you will share this article with him/her, and beat his face fiercely.

Although there are many taboos during pregnancy, there are a lot of attention, but do not give up pets that have been raised for many years.Perhaps for you, it is just a pet, but for it, you depend on its life.If you have to send your pets, please send it to a reliable place, please do not abandon casually.

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