Can I live a husband and wife during pregnancy?Note: During the life of couples during pregnancy, you must pay attention to these principles

Xiao Luo, who had been pregnant for nine months, has been waiting at home for her due date. Her diet and living are also fully responsible for her husband. Just preparing to sleep that night, but her husband proposed to come to a "husband and wife life".Essence

After hearing this request, Xiao Luo just started to resist, because in their concepts, he never heard of a husband and wife who had sex during pregnancy, and was also afraid that sexual life would affect the fetus in the belly.Want to go or refuse the husband’s request, is it suitable for the life of husband and wife during pregnancy?

Many people think that women during pregnancy are often emotional instability, and there may be problems such as stretch marks and edema, which will affect personal image and health.Therefore, some people think that the life of too frequent or fierce couples will put pressure on women’s body and emotions, and may even cause adverse consequences such as premature birth.

And some people believe that sexual life may affect the fetus in pregnant women, and various abortion and other fetuses are injured.

In fact, sexual life can be performed during pregnancy, because during pregnancy, the fetus has the protection of amniotic fluid and placenta, so when the sex life is carried out between husband and wife, the fetus has a double protective film, but pay attention to the method and method of sexual life.The following points need to be done between husband and wife:

1. Choose the appropriate posture

Because during pregnancy, the fetal development will lead to changes in the placenta and ovaries of the pregnant woman, so when the husband and wife live, it is recommended that you use the side lying position. Pregnant women can lie flat on one side. This method can effectively put the placenta effectivelyThe protection of the baby is on the left to achieve a safe sex life.

Secondly, you can adopt a post -in -type method. This posture can completely relax the pregnant woman and avoid excessive movement, which causes congestion and amniotic fluid rupture. In the end, the way of sitting can also be used to complete the life between husband and wife.In this posture, both sides can get a good stretch, and the muscles can be relaxed, which is the best choice.

2. Avoid the life of husband and wife in early 1-3 months of pregnancy

1-3 months is also a period of high incidence of problems such as susceptibility to abortion, fertility, and threatened abortion in pregnant women, so you must avoid the life of husband and wife in the early pregnancy.

Because the fetal development of the fetus has not yet matured at this time, and it is a critical period for the development of important organs such as fetal brain, nervous system, and heart.And most of the biochemical reactions and the elevated white blood cells appear during this period. Therefore, this time period should be put first, and sexual life needs to be avoided.

Sexual life may bring tiny trauma, and at this time, the uterus of pregnant women is not only very sensitive, but also in the most sensitive period of growth and development.Therefore, even small trauma may hinder the healthy development of the fetus.

3. It should not be performed in the later stages of pregnancy one month before production

Pregnant women in the second trimester are in the process of gradually preparing for delivery.Sexual behavior can stimulate uterine contraction and increase the risk of premature birth.Especially in the second trimester, if the pregnant woman already has a contraction, sexual behavior may cause more intense contractions and even cause premature birth.Therefore, it is not recommended that pregnant women have a husband and wife life in the second trimester to reduce the risk of premature birth.

Secondly, the physical condition of pregnant women in the second trimester is relatively weak.Sexual behaviors may cause some bacteria in pregnant women to enter the human body, cause infection, and easily cause diseases such as vaginitis and urinary tract infections, and have adverse effects on the health of pregnant women and fetuses.In addition, the life of husband and wife may also lead to worsening cervical inflammation in pregnant women, increasing the risk of infection, and causing complications of childbirth.

4. The life of husband and wife should not be too intense

The uterus of women during pregnancy has undergone tremendous pressure. If sexual behavior is too intense, it may lead to complications such as placental peeling and amniotic fluid rupture.Therefore, doctors generally recommend that couples avoid excessive sexual behavior in early and late pregnancy to avoid unnecessary risks.

1. Diet should be reasonable

Pregnant women should eat more protein, such as fish, meat, poultry, beans, etc.These foods contain important amino acids and are the buildings needed for fetal growth.In addition, pregnant women should also eat more calcium -rich foods, such as milk, yogurt or cheese, which helps the fetal skeletal development.

However, some foods should be avoided during pregnancy.For example, fish (such as sharks, tuna, etc.) contain a large amount of mercury should avoid consumption because mercury is not good for the fetal’s central nervous system and brain development.In the same way, processed foods containing harmful substances such as bactericides and preservatives should also be reduced as much as possible.

2. Add more folic acid

Folic acid is conducive to the normal development of the fetal nervous system.In the early stages of pregnancy, the nervous system developed rapidly, and insufficient folic acid intake of pregnant women can lead to the appearance of neural tube malformed babies.Many parents’ so -called environmental factors induce fetal nerve tube deformities. In fact, it is due to the lack of folic acid in pregnant women, especially at the stage of pregnancy.And folic acid not only needs to take in during pregnancy, but also should also take the nutrients appropriately.

Secondly, the deficiency of folic acid in pregnant women may also cause discomfort such as nausea and vomiting in the early pregnancy.This is because folic acid can also stabilize DNA, reduce the risk of pregnancy poisoning, and reduce early pregnancy symptoms.

3. Periodic inspection

It is very important to start a regular checkup as soon as possible.The first inspection is usually performed in about eight weeks after pregnancy, so that any potential health problems can be found as soon as possible and necessary measures are taken immediately.The next examination is usually performed at different stages of pregnancy to ensure the best health of the mother and fetus and prepare for any possible issues.

Secondly, the production inspection plan should be formulated according to personal circumstances.Everyone’s physical condition and background are different, so different people need different production inspection plans.Your obstetrician or midwife can formulate a production inspection plan that suits you according to factors such as your health, gestational week, personal status, and family genetic history.

Finally, remind everyone that a healthy and positive mentality can effectively reduce the tension and anxiety of pregnant women.If pregnant women are too nervous and anxious, they may produce some harmful hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, which may affect the development of the pregnant woman’s immune system and fetus, leading to complications during pregnancy.

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