Can I have the same room during menstruation?

This article was originally created by Qi Shuying, Chief Physician Qi Shuying, Shenzhen Longgang Central Hospital

The development of informatization has made us taste convenient, and it also brings some trouble.Medical and health originally belonged to the field of professional fields, but were being used to add vinegar to some people without medical knowledge background. The "popular science" who mislead readers to misleading readers was harmed by many people.

Makes such as "menstrual periods" are absolutely uncommon clinically.Some young people, when they are so deep, their eyes are hazy, and they feel a little rabbit hidden in their hearts, jumping around, and the effect of hormones. At this time, even if girls are in menstrual period, there will always be some little couples who can’t stop the car ""Crossing red lights".

After stealing the forbidden fruit, there will always be a lot of disturbances in the hearts of girls, and they are embarrassed to consult a professional doctor, so they secretly went to the Internet for help. Seeing many netizens who do not have any medical background published "menstrual life will not have any effects"The statement is true, and since then, there is another lost lamb in the society in the menstrual period.

The answer is: Of course it has an impact

The harm of menstrual life makes you unexpected, the most serious or even leading to infertility!

In addition to the blood of menstrual blood, there are endometrium fragments, cervical mucus, and falling vaginal epithelial cells.

If menstrual behavior, menstrual blood containing endometrial fragments will flow against the uterine, flowing to the fallopian tube, and even in the abdominal cavity, causing the uterine fragments to grow outside the uterine cavity.

Blood is a breeding ground for germs. Sexual life during menstruation will bring bacteria in the vaginal mouth and the anus into the vagina, cervix, and even the uterine cavity.

During the menstrual period, in order to discharge menstrual blood, the body becomes loose, and bacteria can easily invade the uterine cavity from the cervical mouth, and to breed a lot under the nourishment of the blood, which eventually leads to the occurrence of endometritis, acute appendicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease.

During menstrual behavior, men’s sperm may enter the blood from the capillaries of the endometrium exfoliating bleeding, causing the female immune system to play a role, attack sperm as a pathogen, and produce anti -sperm antibodies to prevent the "pathogen" from entering the body again (this is thisFor example, sperm is blacklisted by the female body).

When you want to get pregnant again, sperm entering women’s body, women’s immune system will automatically kill sperm, which will eventually lead to infertility.

Finally, I still have to advise you, come to Japan, why not be anxious, do you say right?

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