Can I have a caesarean section at 38 weeks of pregnancy?It is best to wait for this gestational week, pregnant mothers do not make insurance for "Ji Ri"

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Leg cramps, swelling legs and feet, pubic pain, etc., and the more near the due date, the more painful, and even the pregnant woman is difficult to sleep all night.Some pregnant women really can’t stand these torture. They want to take out their children out in advance after the fetal development is mature, and they can suffer a few days.Pregnant women who have such ideas are probably not a small number, and even more, they also want to pick a "zodiac day" to be born for her baby.

The fetus is generally developed in about 37 weeks of pregnancy. Born at 38 weeks of pregnancy, it is not a premature birth. You can consider caesarean section, because at this time, the fetus in the pregnant woman’s belly can leave the mother’s body for independent life. You can wait until the due date.Production, pregnant women and family members can also choose whether to give birth to the child in advance according to their own situation.However, before pregnant women and their families make decisions, they should still be cautious. The cesarean section surgery is not universal, and there are still certain risks.

Under normal circumstances, doctors still do not recommend that expectant mothers use caesarean section to allow their children to be born in advance. For the fetus, when the "Guide is familiar", it is when they should be born. This is the instinct of life.External interference.Only in special circumstances, can children be born in advance, such as internal distress in the fetus, premature birth, aging placenta, amniotic fluid pollution, etc., or pregnant women have certain diseases, and their bodies cannot support the production of full -month production. It is normalIt is best to wait until the monthly production is better.

In the usual life, many pregnant women will refer to the 37 weeks of pregnancy as "full moon", because at this time the fetus is basically mature, and the mother can survive independently.In fact, this is not the case. Only a fetus with 39 weeks can be regarded as a real "full moon."Perhaps in our opinion, there are only two weeks, but this is very valuable for the fetus in the stomach of the pregnant woman, because the last month before the due date, the fetus has a new change every day, almost a day a day a day a day a day a day, it is almost a day a day a day.In the same way, the various organs of the body are constantly being improved.

Compared to the baby born at 40 weeks, babies born in 38 weeks will be obviously weaker in terms of physical health. Each organs do not have 40 weeks of babies to develop more mature.Especially the important body organs such as the brain and lungs may also cause the health problems of newborns, causing them to suffer from jaundice, hypoglycemia, and respiratory system.The baby born in Zhou.

And in our usual life, we must pay attention to a "natural", which is the same for the fetus.Under normal circumstances, the fetus will only occur after they are fully developed and mature. Seeing red, water -breaking, contractions, pain, and delivery, this is naturally natural.If all indicators of the fetus are normal and the physical condition of pregnant women is also possible, it is best not to let the child be born in advance, because for the fetus, staying in the mother’s belly one day is equivalent to staying in the outside world for 10 days.The fetus can also develop better, so expectant mothers must look at this problem carefully.

1. Light diet.If you want the fetus to stay in the mother’s belly, you must take care of the pregnant woman’s body. After 38 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus can be described as a change a day. At this time, the pregnant woman’s diet should pay special attention.It is possible to grow too much, which makes it difficult for pregnant women to produce.

2. Don’t go out at will.Pregnant women in this period may be produced at any time, so pregnant women should stay at home with peace of mind and do not go out at will; if they go out, someone must be accompanied by someone, and they must be accompanied at home;For information such as the situation of the birth check, to prevent the fetus from coming at any time, and then there is any omissions in their hands.

3. Pay attention to physical changes.In the last few weeks of the third trimester, pregnant women will feel particularly difficult, have various discomforts, and swelling on the feet is also common.When the vision is blurred, or if the symptoms such as spots and the pain in the abdomen, you must immediately rush to the hospital, because this may be a precursor to signs of eclampath. This situation will endanger the life of the fetus and pregnant women.You can also consider letting the fetus be born in advance.

Although the cesarean section can end the pain of the pregnant woman in advance or the pain during natural production, the child with natural childbirth is much better than the child with a cesarean section, and the body of the pregnant woman can be recovered as soon as possible. It can also easily take care of the baby.EssenceTherefore, Lao Miao suggested that expectant mothers, if not for special reasons, have to choose a caesarean section, expectant mothers should wait until the fetus is "cooked" when it is produced.Essence

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