Can I guess men and women on my panties during pregnancy?

"Well, it’s better to get pregnant with your skin, and it’s definitely a girl!"

"The month is so big, you are not fat at all, it must be a boy!"

"The belly is so sharp, boy?"

"The belly is so round, it should be a girl."

… …

When you are pregnant, you may hear a lot of messy words.In your own curiosity, you will also look for the different symptoms of all kinds of men and women.Maybe you have also heard of such remarks: there are differences between pregnant boys and girls.Can you also speculate for men and women by leucorrhea? Is there a basis for this? Let’s take a look together.

Network: The leucorrhea is less dry during pregnancy, and the probability of boys is high; there are many leucorrhea, always feeling that the lower body is wet, and the probability of girls is high.

The experience of netizens and mothers:

1: I heard that men and women are different when preparing for pregnancy.Some friends have also been verified from a few friends.The mothers of Huai Girl Bao have more leucorrhea in the middle and late stages (because the girl is acidic), and the mother of Huai Menbao is generally more dry (the boy is alkaline).This does work on me.

2: I have never been clean since the day of pregnancy, boy.

3: I have been very dry after pregnancy, there is no leucorrhea, girl

4: There are many leucorrhea, boys

5: Leucorrhea, girls

6: There are many leucorrhea, boy …

7: What kind of ghosts are more unreliable than boys and women watches in Qinggong Tu.

It can be seen that judging men and women from leucorrhea during pregnancy is not credible, but Xiaobian wants to remind everyone that preparation women and women during pregnancy need to pay more attention to their leucorrhea, which is good for health!

Do you need to continue to hit a yellow leucorrhea?

Often everyone judges whether there is a problem with their own gynecological department through their own white, especially during pregnancy, and they are more worried about encountering yellow leucorrhea and fearing that pregnancy will affect the fetus. If you encounter yellow leucorrheaWhat’s more?

I suggest: whether the leucorrhea yellow hair is serious, you need to go to the hospital for examination, so it is best to go to the examination before deciding, and beware of several common diseases of the leucorrhea yellow:

1. Cervicitis: The clinical manifestations are mainly leucorrhea yellow, sticky mucus or purulent mucus, and sometimes it can be accompanied by bloodshot or clip.Cervicitis not only endangers women’s health, but also causes cancer.

2. Vaginitis: It can cause vaginitis with leucorrhea yellow. Common fungal vaginitis and trichomonas vaginitis are often accompanied by itching and odor.

3. Pelvic inflammatory disease: The main symptoms of leucorrhea yellow increase in clinical clinic, and may also occur in small abdominal pain, which mostly occurs in women with sexual activity and menstruation.

4. Vampire cancer: When women suffer from fall -tube cancer, tumors stimulate tubal epithelium leakage and disease tissue necrosis. The leucorrhea is mostly intermittent, clear, yellow -red liquid, and continues to flow out of the vagina to outward.

In addition to yellow leucorrhea, what symptoms do you have to be attentive?

It indicates that there is a leucorrhea of gynecological diseases:

1. Gray homogeneous fish fishy smell leucorrhea: common in bacterial vaginal disease.

2. Greater -like leucorrhea: It is the characteristics of Candida vaginitis, which is often accompanied by severe vulvar itching or burning pain.

3. Tofu -like leucorrhea: Most of the moldy vaginitis, the vulva and vaginal walls often cover a layer of leukin, exposed red and swollen mucosa surface after rubbing, and it is easily infected with mold. It is often accompanied by vulvar itching and burning pain.EssenceEspecially diabetic patients or pregnant women should think of this, because pregnant women and diabetic patients have poor constitution and low immunity, which can easily cause mold infection.

4. Blood leucorrhea: Blood is mixed in leucorrhea, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, cervical polyps or submucosal fibroids should be considered.Putting in the palace can also cause bloody leucorrhea.

5. Water -like leucorrhea: continuously flowing out of rice -like leucorrhea, and those with odor are generally infected with advanced cervical cancer, vaginal cancer or submucosal fibroids.The possibility of fallopian tube cancer should be paid to the possibility of fallopian tube cancer.

6. Colorless transparent viscosity leucorrhea: Egg white -like, the traits are similar to the mucus secreted by the cervical gland during ovulation, but the amount of quantity is significantly increased. Generally, chronic cervical endometritis, ovarian dysfunction, vaginal aden disease or cervical hyper differentiationThe possibility of adenocarcinoma and other diseases.

7. Valu -like leucorrhea: yellow or yellow -green, viscous, and many odors. Acute vaginitis, cervicitis, and cervical tubeitis caused by bacteria such as trichomonas or gonococci can be caused.The cervical accumulation, cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, or foreign body residue in the vagina can also lead to purulent leucorrhea.

8. Foam -like leucorrhea: If you take a bath in a public bath, or have used public bath towels and bathtubs, a gray or gray -yellow foam leucorrhea appears and has a sour odor. It should be thought that it is contagious.

In fact, there are many knowledge related to our women’s leucorrhea health. Today I will introduce this to you. I hope that everyone will pay more attention to their leucorrhea health, so that early treatment and early treatment are easy.

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