Can I eat walnuts often?In fact, these four great benefits are the true value of walnuts

In life, walnuts can be said to be recognized as a type of "brain -replenishment". The older generation always said that eating walnuts can help promote our brain development, especially women during pregnancy.In this way, it helps to develop the fetus in the abdomen, but the reason why this statement is spread is because walnut grows like a brain, and later nutrition research confirms that the walnut also contains omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, soWalnuts are also considered to be a model for brain supplement.

But one thing is what everyone needs to understand, that is, for ω -3 unsaturated fatty acids, if the human body lacks this substance for a long time, it may really affect the normal function and normal development of the brain, but if only food is only extra from foodIn addition, there is no "smart" effect.

But even so, the "advantage" of walnuts still exists. For example, these four great benefits are its real value, you should know.

1. Supplementary nutrition

The nutritional elements contained in walnuts are diverse. It not only contains rich linoleic acid and DHA, but also cannot be underestimated by vitamin E. Eating walnuts often can not only help promote the development of the brain and visual functions, but alsoIt can also help the body to eliminate free radicals, so that the cells in the body can avoid the damage of free radicals, and then maintain the vitality of the cells.

Not only that, walnuts are also rich in walnut oil and crude fiber. Therefore, after consumption, it can help soften stools, promote intestinal peristalsis, and play a certain effect of treating constipation.

2. Replace snacks

For modern young people, whether it is work, study, or watching TV, they like to put some snacks next to each other, such as some potato chips and spicy strips, which are almost loved by the public.

But although these snacks can give you a certain "happiness", most of these snacks contain a certain amount of additives and preservatives, and in order to increase the taste, a lot of sugar is often added during production.Food, in terms of physical health, is naturally very unfavorable, and it may increase people’s stomach burden. Then if these snacks are replaced with walnuts, it is not the same.Help develop a healthy diet.

3. Provide calories

As a category of walnuts, the fat and calories they contain naturally do not need to be said. Although eating too much walnuts can increase the chance of gaining weight in the human body at one time, as long as people control the amount of intake in the health range, thenIt is very good for our physical health. It can provide the body’s required heat needed for the body, which can make our body more "motivated". Not only that, eating walnuts can also improve human immunity.This helps people prevent and resist some small diseases.

4. Help sleep

In fact, walnuts also contain a lot of melatonin, which can help the human body to enter sleep to a certain extent.As we all know, melatonin is a type of hormone that can help and regulate the human body to sleep better. If it can secrete more at night, it can have a good sleep help effect.Therefore, eating walnuts can help secrete melatonin to a certain extent, so as to achieve the purpose of improving sleep.

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