Can I drink chrysanthemum tea during pregnancy?In the late pregnancy, pay attention to these 4 points in your diet

By the third trimester, mothers’ diet will become more and more careful.Because the nutrients required by the babies are all transported by the mother.In the third trimester, babies also need a lot of nutrients.But for some pregnant mothers with dry constitutions, they are particularly easy to get angry during pregnancy.At this time, if the mothers are still carrying big fish and meat, they will continue to rise without the anger in this body.So many mothers choose to drink some tea to reduce fire, such as our most common chrysanthemum tea.But some mothers heard that too much tea drinking can affect the absorption of nutrition.At this time, it seemed very contradictory.

For drinking tea, chrysanthemums are indeed clearing heat, reducing fire, and detoxifying.If the expectant mothers are more angry during pregnancy, you can choose to drink some chrysanthemum tea, but this amount must be controlled, do not take too much.When drinking chrysanthemum tea, you can choose to put three or four pieces. Don’t put too much or drink it every day.Do not choose to drink all when you drink a cup of tea, but choose to leave one third of the water and then brew it for the second time.Controlling the intake can achieve the effect of reducing the fire. Taking too much, the damage to the stomach will be greater.

1. Don’t drink herbal tea

Herbal tea has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. It has some benefits if most people take it.But for mothers, try not to take it, because herbal tea is prepared by Chinese medicinal materials.If you take too much herbal tea, it will have a certain impact on the baby.

2. Control high -fat and high -calorie foods

By the third trimester, the baby’s baby has actually developed almost. At this time, you must avoid taking too much high oil and high -calorie foods, because too much high oil and high calorie food intake can easily lead to high cholesterol and triglycerides., Resulting in the increase in blood pressure of pregnant women, which is very unfavorable to production.

3, a small number of meals

Many pregnant mothers are relatively high because of the placenta position, so the baby is relatively high, which is the so -called upper arms.If you are pregnant, it is easy to face the stomach of the pregnant mother, causing the stomach to be uncomfortable.If you usually eat too much, it is easy to make pregnant mothers feel stomach and bloated.Therefore, mothers try to take a small amount of meals as much as possible in their diet.

4. Eat more diuretic food

In the third trimester, many mothers will have swollen hands and feet. At this time, try to avoid heavy taste.Try to be as light as possible in the diet, you can eat more diuretic foods, because diuretic food can reduce edema.This can reduce the body burden of pregnant mothers.

Entering the third trimester, the journey of mothers had gone almost.Therefore, you must pay more attention to your physical condition in the later period, and the diet should be light. Do not overeating.This will help the baby’s development and it will be helpful for its own production.Bless every mother can give birth to a beautiful and healthy angel baby.

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Reference information: "Mom In also the third trimester of pregnancy: chrysanthemum tea cannot drink every day" Sina 2020-05-28

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