Can I ask CT children in the early pregnancy?Pregnant mothers should pay more attention to these aspects

In the early pregnancy, the CT examination should be asked to consult the doctor in time without knowing it, let the doctor understand the situation in detail, and conduct relevant examinations.If there is no problem with various examinations, the fetus is relatively safe to continue pregnancy, and various examinations can be done regularly in the later period.If there is a problem with the inspection, you need to understand the situation further, and the pregnancy will be terminated if necessary.Various examinations during pregnancy can evaluate the growth and development of the fetus. CT is accidentally done in the early pregnancy. Various examinations need to be carried out under the guidance of a doctor in order to be safe.

What should I pay attention to during pregnancy?

1. Avoid contact with high radiation substances

Various radiation will affect the development of the fetus and cause organic tissue to be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid contact with high radiation substances during pregnancy, such as X -ray and CT examination.

2. Nutritional diversification

During pregnancy, because of hormone changes, the phenomenon of single taste is prone to taste, which can easily lead to insufficient nutritional intake. The occurrence of malnutrition will cause the body to lack nutrition and affect the development of the fetus. Therefore, it is necessary to diverse nutrition. The diet is mainly high protein, high -calorie, and high vitamin.

3. Appropriate exercise

Do not sit for a long time during pregnancy can lead to obesity, improve production difficulty, properly getting up exercise can control weight, and can also exercise the flexibility of the body and reduce production difficulty.You can choose soothing movements, such as yoga, walking, etc.

4. Check on time

For example, if the B -ultrasound, the B -ultrasound during pregnancy can understand the development of the fetus in all aspects of the fetus.The four -dimensional ultrasound is a large -scale abnormal examination during pregnancy, which can eliminate whether the fetus has malformations. You need to choose to do related examinations at a suitable time.

5. Keep emotional stability

Do not be nervous and anxious before doing various examinations, and do not worry about the fetal development of the fetus. The uneasy emotions will affect the coordination of the fetus during examination, and it will also affect the endocrine and affect the fetal development.

Kind tips

Entering pregnancy should always pay attention to avoid contact with radiation substances. In addition, nutrition should be supplemented, such as folic acid, folic acid can prevent fetal neuropathic deformities, do physical examinations to understand physical conditions, and to achieve eugenics.In addition, the use of drugs during pregnancy is not casual, avoiding the side effects of drugs affecting the development of the fetus and affecting the health of the mother. If you want to use the medicine, you need to consult a doctor.

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