Can I apply a mask during the confinement of pregnancy?

Many fashionable hot moms now have the habit of applying mask every day. During the confinement, the skin will become thicker, and even because of the dresses during confinement during pregnancy, I will have my own self -confidence!There is a postpartum depression.

You Baoma wants to improve the skin by making a mask, but some people feel that the postpartum mask is not good.So, can confinement be used to use a mask?Will the mask affect feeding, will it harm the mother’s body?

Can you use a mask if you confinement:

Mask is possible after giving birth, but pay special attention to the choice of mask.Because the mask is also skin care products, most of the cosmetics contain lead.If these harmful substances enter the skin and enter the human body, natural milk will also be affected.This is also something that the old people are worried about, so do not let skin care products.

However, the baby’s absorption of nutrition during pregnancy is through the umbilical cord. The nutrition during breastfeeding is transformed by the mother’s blood, and there is no problem at all.

The mask is also a type of skin care products, and the function of ordinary skin care products is also similar, but the ingredients in each brand are unable to judge with the naked eye. Whether it is a water supplement mask or a whitening mask, there will be chemical components. At this time, momWhen buying a mask, you must choose a professional person to help you choose. You must choose a mask suitable for pregnant women, so as to ensure that you and your baby’s health are more guaranteed.

Mommy’s best plan for mask:

1. Try to choose a special mask for pregnant women. This kind of mask has less harmful ingredients, and at the same time can achieve the effect of skin care. Use it more assured.

2. Try to choose the baby’s sleeping time as much as possible. When the baby wakes up, the mask is almost absorbed. Don’t worry about letting the baby come into contact.

3. For the new mother, the impact of applying masks on the body is not great, and now the weather is dry, and facial care is also possible, it has no effect on the baby.

4. The skin is very relaxed after delivery, so after 2 weeks of recovery of the body, you can use a mild moisturizing emulsion and essence to provide nutrition to the rough skin.Only the skin replenishes enough water, it can play a role in brightening the skin color at the same time, can refine wrinkles, reduce the secretion of fat, and reduce the generation of acne

5. During the confinement, you must use the mask in hot water and then use it to avoid confinement disease.

Pay attention to applying masks during the confinement of the love mommy:

Many mothers dislike their face and become yellow after pregnancy, so they are anxious to want to whiten.So blindly listen to what "magical skin care products" on the market, and various common chemical whitening masks.

1. Many whitening masks contain heavy metal substances such as copper, tribute, and lead. These heavy metal substances will enter the mother’s body and even crisis the safety of the fetus.Moms must stay away from such substances.

2. A acid products are also prohibited, but the mask containing A alcohol and A aldehyde component is still available on the face.

3. Ordinary masks on the market generally contain three major components: preservatives, aromatherapy compounds, and pigments. These are substances that must not be "stained" during pregnancy.At the same time, they are the three major substances that cause skin allergies.The more complicated the spices, the greater the amount, the heavier the irritation, and the more likely it is to cause skin allergies and optics.

Therefore, confinement can use a mask, as long as you pay attention to the above matters during use.In addition, you should also pay attention to the correct diet during confinement, which is more beneficial to the skin.

As long as the mothers need to be safe and healthy, they can also have a smooth face during pregnancy and confinement.

What mask should pregnant women apply?

The use of masks during pregnancy should be mainly moisturized.The state of the skin is closely related to water, and the lack of water will become dry and rough; when the water and oil are uneven, the skin will prone to acne; the pregnant mother only needs to do the basic hydration and moisturizing work, and many skin problemsCan be solved.Therefore, it is recommended that expectant mothers choose a natural mask such as mild skin -friendly.

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