Can I "do things" during pregnancy?Listen to experts’ suggestions

Sex life occupies a very important position in marriage, but after many women are pregnant, they will "leave" her husband because they are afraid of hurting the fetus.However, some netizens said that pregnancy can live sex.So, can you live a sex life?Come to listen to the opinions of experts.

Yao Kunfeng, deputy chief physician of the obstetrics department of Yunfu City, said in an interview with family doctors online editors that under normal circumstances, if women do not have special complications or complications during pregnancy, the first three months and the next three months will not be advocated for sexual sex for sexuality in the first three months and the next three months.Life can live sex in the middle, but it should not be too frequent, and the movement should not be excessive, and it needs to be performed softly.

Deputy Chief Physician Yao Kunfeng emphasized that once abnormal phenomena occurred in sexual life during pregnancy, they must be terminated immediately.For example, signs of bleeding, flowing, or premature birth need to stop sexual life and go to the hospital in time; if you feel pain or uncomfortable in sexual life, you need to terminate.In addition, pregnant women with abnormal history, such as the pre -placenta and the history of abortion, also need to be sexual life under the recognition of the doctor, otherwise it is necessary to prohibit to avoid harming pregnant women and fetuses.

Deputy Chief Physician Yao Kunfeng said that in addition to not being recommended in sexual life in the early stages of pregnancy, there are many precautions, such as diet taboos."Women need to eat digestible and light foods in the early stages of pregnancy, eat more vitamin -rich fruits and vegetables, and eat less greasy food. It is recommended to drink a glass of warm water or hot milk after getting up every morning.Folic acid. For pregnant women with obvious pregnancy, it is recommended to eat alkaline foods, such as soda cakes, lemonade, ginger, etc. At the same time, do not eat cold foods to avoid causing seizures. "

In addition, Deputy Chief Physician Yao Kunfeng also said that the first three months of pregnancy is an important period of embryonic development and a high incidence of abortion. Therefore, pregnant women should avoid random medication.Quit alcohol, reduce radiation damage, etc.

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