Can ectopic pregnancy be reflected through the HCG value?

There are some early symptoms of ectopic pregnancy that can help you discover it. For example, symptoms such as irregular bleeding, abdominal pain, pelvic blocks such as irregular bleeding, abdominal pain, pelvic blocks in the early pregnancy are early warning signals of ectopic pregnancy, but there are also some ectopic pregnancy.The situation is very headache, and it is easy to miss the best diagnosis and treatment timing. So, how to scientifically examine ectopic pregnancy?Can ectopic pregnancy be reflected through the HCG value?

Now everyone is increasingly using test strips to detect whether they are pregnant. Many people often have a test strip of early pregnancy to check whether they are pregnant.The situation of pregnancy and the rise of HCG, but in general, sometimes the result of urine check is not very accurate, and blood HCG can detect pregnancy earlier and more accurately.

If you have not deepened the HCG for several days in a row, it is best to go to the hospital for blood HCG testing, and sometimes you need to combine the auxiliary examination of progesterone.

So what is the normal value of HCG during pregnancy?

HCG normal reference value

Gestational week

Normal value (IU/L)


0.2-1 Week


At this time, the blood HCG value is almost unchanged

1-2 weeks of pregnancy


If the blood is drawn after 2 days, if the increase in blood HCG increases by less than 66%, the possibility of existence of ectopic pregnancy should be considered.

2-3 weeks of pregnancy



3-4 weeks of pregnancy



4-5 weeks of pregnancy


35-50 days after pregnancy, HCG rose greater than 2500IU/L. If it is lower than this value, the possibility of threatened abortion should be considered.

5-6 weeks of pregnancy


If the HCG value suddenly falls sharply, the possibility of pregnancy disease or delay in the fetal palace should be considered.

6-8 weeks of pregnancy



2nd to March


If the peak value is reached and partially falls, it is still higher than unhappy, and pregnancy risk should also be considered.

How to use the HCG value to distinguish between normal pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy?

1. Normal pregnancy: The blood HCG value and the progesterone value increased significantly, and generally doubled sample growth.

2. Extraceamental pregnancy: Blood HCG and progesterone increase slowly. If there is no double growth as scheduled, you should be alert to the existence of ectopic pregnancy. If the progesterone value is below 8ng/ml, the possibility of ectopic pregnancy is very high.

The HCG value can scientifically detect the risk of women suffering from ectopic pregnancy, and effectively helps doctors in early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. They can also combine ultrasound examination during examination.Detection and judging whether there are pregnancy sacs in the palace.

Ectopic pregnancy has risks to every child of childbearing age. If you suspect that you have ectopic pregnancy, do not delay, come to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, do not miss the best treatment time.It is also suggested that female friends should develop good habits in life to prevent the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy as much as possible. You can also see "Are you a high -risk group of ectopic pregnancy?", "Timed bombs, fatal ectopic pregnancy" and other relatedArticle, the out -of -the -palace pregnancy is outside!

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