Can drinking red wine really soften blood vessels?

"A cup of softening blood vessels every day" "Drink a little peace before going to bed to help sleep"

Regarding red wine, I believe everyone has heard these claims.

There are many saying about "softening blood vessels". For example, a glass of red wine can soften blood vessels every day, drink vinegar or jealous peanuts every day, can soften blood vessels, eat fungus, onions, etc. to soften blood vessels.But is these "tricks" really effective?Today, let’s take a look at the true colors of these "tricks"!

Drinking vinegar can soften blood vessels?


The doctor said that it is taken for granted to soften blood vessels by drinking vinegar or jealousy!

Because the human body itself is a very powerful buffer system, vinegar must participate in the normal metabolism of the human body, metabolism into carbon dioxide and water.It is impossible for vinegar to reach the blood vessels directly, and the internal environment will not be easily affected by the acid -base system of the food source, so it is impossible to soften the blood vessels by jealousy.

Not only that, drinking a lot of vinegar directly, the acidity of vinegar is too large, it will also damage the gastric mucosa, and it will burn the esophagus when consumption.

Can drinking red wine soften blood vessels?


The resveratrol in red wine has the effect of protecting blood vessels, but its content is very low. Even if you drink a bottle a day, you will not have the effect of softening blood vessels.

Our blood vessels will gradually become aging with age, and diseases and bad living habits will accelerate aging.

This change is irreversible, whether it is red wine or other foods, it is difficult to make it softened again!

On the contrary, alcohol is harmful to the body, and drinking is not safe to drink, and red wine is no exception.

The so -called "less drinking is good for the body", "a cup of peace to help sleep before bedtime" and so on are not right!

Eating onions, fungus, etc. can soften blood vessels?


Many articles have written that through food, it can achieve the role of softening blood vessels, such as onions, fungus, black beans, shiitake mushrooms, hawthorn, and so on.

These plant foods are very good for maintaining their health, but whether it has the effect of softening blood vessels, there is no reliable scientific basis.

If you only want to soften the blood vessels through food, and refuse to cooperate with the doctor’s guidance and treatment, it may aggravate blood lipid disorders. For many middle -aged and elderly people, it is a very dangerous behavior!

There is only one thing about vascular aging, that is, ▶ Blood aging can only be delayed and cannot be reversed.We often compare the blood vessels as a water pipe. The water pipe time is aging, and it will become hard and brittle. Correspondingly, our blood vessels will "arteriosclerosis".

What we can do can only delay the aging of blood vessels by controlling blood pressure, blood lipids, controlling diet, increasing exercise, etc.

4 ways to truly beneficial blood vessels

Keep a healthy diet.Many arteriosclerosis is related to genetic genes.We should maintain good eating habits as much as possible and improve the diet structure.Eat more grains, vegetables and fruits, and eat less meat, especially red meat.Eat less pickled and chemical food, barbecue and fried food.

Increase exercise and control body.Persons with arteriosclerosis prefers big belly and abdomen obese people. Such people are relatively high than others.The large omentum on the human belly is used to put fat. If you eat high -fat diet or eat too much for a long time, you will save the belly first.However, if the fat intake is still increasing, the stomach is filled with the blood vessels and liver, which will cause blood vessel lipid deposition, more cholesterol accumulation, and arteriosclerosis.

Keep an optimistic attitude and learn to relax.High -pressure and emotional people are also high -risk people with arteriosclerosis.Long -term mental tension and anxiety will inevitably cause sympathetic nerve excitement, vascular contraction and spasm, and at the same time, vascular pressure will increase, causing vascular endothelial damage, lipid deposition, and arteriosclerosis.

Control blood pressure, blood lipids, and blood sugar.Epitory sclerosis is more dangerous if it occurs in the heart, brain, and kidneys.Among them, the heart is very likely to cause coronary heart disease and sudden myocardial infarction.

The coronary arteries of the human body are only 1 ~ 3 mm thickness, and the thickness of the blood vessel wall is less than 0.5 mm. In such a small space, the lipids and cholesterol deposited in the blood vessels will form porridge sclerosis plaque, just like a bunsIn the same way, if more and more, the fillings in the buns become larger, and the skin is getting thinner. As the tension increases and inflammation is stimulated, once the skin is ruined, it will cause blood embolism and sudden myocardial infarction.

Therefore, the prevention of arteriosclerosis and reducing the first place in the risk factors is lowering blood lipids, followed by hypoglycemic, blood pressure, and smoking quitting and drinking.

Prevention is more important than treatment, eat more plant foods, exercise more, maintain body, maintain a good mentality, actively detect blood sugar, blood lipids, and blood pressure value, let healthy follow!

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