Can "knowledge during pregnancy" and breastfeeding be dyed with hair eyebrows to apply nails?

During pregnancy, he was called "Aunt" … Ah … Ah … Aunt …

Can’t bear it!

Thinking about it, you can be beautiful during pregnancy,

But when it was breastfeeding, it was said that it could not be done again, and it could not be done.

Is it really beautiful to be beautiful during pregnancy and lactation?

Some surveys have been made for this problem.

Question 1

Can I perm and dye my hair during pregnancy and lactation?

Hair dyeing hair dye must be used. When it comes to hair dye, it will mention the phenyline and heavy metals contained in it.

However, current studies have shown that pyramamine is not a material that is known or may cause cancer to the human body.

Although it is temporarily excluded with carcinogenia, long -term excessive use of phenyline can also affect liver and kidney function.

Mother during pregnancy

Pregnant mother -in -law’s long -term excessive use of phenylene -containing hair dyeing may also cause mutation to the agent.

Reapping -refers

Although the toxicity of the dosage is a hooligan, it is the first to be safe for expectant mothers. After all, there are many ways to make us beautiful and safer?

Breastfeeding mother

After finally ending in October, after unloading, if you want to start picking yourself up, can you start dyeing your hair during breastfeeding?

In fact, the key is the frequency and quantity of use. After all, mothers do not come into contact with hair dye every day.

It is dyed once in half a year or even a year, and uses a qualified product. Do not contact the scalp for a long time. The impact on breastfeeding is minimal.

However, if the hair loss is severe during lactation, the celebrities will not be dyed.This will increase the possibility of damage to the basic tissue of the hair and accelerate the degree and scope of hair loss.

Although occasional hair dyeing does not have Weihai, we still have to do some homework before and after hair dyeing. Do not listen to the opinions of the stylist, and do not even know what products and qualified.

Before dyeing hair, it is best to buy hair dye from reliable channels, and then take your hair to your hair shop.

In addition, the lactating mothers do not let your baby catch your hair with your hands within a few days after your hair.Of course, you don’t believe that hair dye is safe anyway, or forbearance ~

Question 2

Can I get eyebrows during breastfeeding?

Eyebrows are a cosmetic surgery that permanently changes metal or plant pigments into the skin to achieve permanently changing the outline and color of the eyebrows.

Among them, there is almost no toxicity of metal or plant pigments, and it is only for local replenishment. The anesthetic is also used for local application. Therefore, it is completely safe in this regard and will not cause any adverse effects on milk.

However, there are also some places to pay attention to eyebrows–

Pay attention to selecting a regular beauty institution to avoid the operation of small workshops;

Pay attention to whether the metal device of the eyebrows is disinfected, it is best to use it at one time;

Whether the dye and local anesthetic use of the use of a formal brand, etc.

In addition, eyebrows are also a small bed after all, and some antibiotic ointments will be used for infection.Common penicillin and cephalosporins are also safe and safe during lactation, which can be breastfeed with confidence.

Question 3

Can I apply nail polish during pregnancy and lactation?

The amount of substance in nail polish is extremely limited through physical absorption.

The main problem is some volatile substances in nail polish, such as solvents "banana water".

It is a colorless transparent and volatile liquid configured with a variety of organic solvents, which contains toluene and borne ingredients.

It has a stimulating effect on the eye and mucous membrane. High concentration inhalation can cause damage to the central nervous system and even liver and kidney damage.

Other harmful substances also include DBP (diode (diode (diodeate), formaldehyde, etc.

However, there is still a problem. It is not necessary to have a certain dose without accumulating a certain dose. If you just want to become beautiful yourself in special days, it is completely fine.


Select the qualified products of regular manufacturers;

Avoid applying nails when your baby is around;

Try to open the window and ventilate after applying;

Do not play your baby’s hand, the baby is playing with;

In particular, you can’t let your baby eat in his mouth;

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