Broken the sky, when Ziyan knew that her sister Cai Lin liked Xiao Yan and became pregnant. What was reaction?

Do you know when Ziyan knew what his sister Cai Lin liked Xiao Yan?

In the Broken Sky Anime, Ziyan has become a good sister with Merusha. The two have a highly cold and beautiful personality, a lively and cheerful complementarity.

I believe everyone can see that Merusha still likes children very much, especially like this kind of ancient beast that is equivalent to their own grade. It was very difficult to meet them. Both of them were almost the same.Therefore, the two talents have a common topic. Xiao Yan and Medusa are very good, so they vigorously create the opportunity of the two of them. When they quarrel between the two, they act as a reconciliation agent for the relationship between the two.

At this time, Ziyan just felt that the relationship between Xiao Yan and Merusha and Merbiat and wanted to resolve the grievances of the two friends. I did not know that her continuous matching had made her sister Metusa fall into the love river.At the time, Xiao Yan lost his pain and his old lover Yun Yun because of his mistakes.In the end Xiao Yan and Yun Yun resolved the contradictions, and the two kissed together.

Merudusa, who had witnessed the whole process, was not a taste in his heart, but he couldn’t help rubbing Ziyan’s head helplessly. At this time, Ziyan expressed his puzzles, why did Sister Cai Lin see Xiao Yan and other women in?Is there such a big reaction together?

Until Ziyan and Xiao Yan were promoted to fighting the emperor in the World of Warcraft Mountains, Ziyan’s body gradually grew up and became mature. She began to understand Cai Lin’s relationship with Xiao Yan, so she began to match Cai Lin.With Xiao Yan, I didn’t expect that Cai Lin had been pregnant before Cai Lin had not waited for the match.Yan can always be described as contributing to this month.

Well, the end of the story is over. If there are different views, the fighters can leave a message in the comment area below. I like to pay attention to the next issue!

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