British twin -uterus mothers are rarely pregnant with trilogy: "Children on both sides are kicking me in turns"

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Last spring, when the 31 -year -old Melanie Bassett found that she was pregnant again, and she was pregnant with a triplet, she was surprised to speak …..

Not because the triggea is rare,

It is because Melanie’s uterus condition is very different from others …

In 2016, when she was pregnant for the first time, she was informed by the doctor that she had rare symptoms of twin uterine malformations.

To put it simply, there is two uterus on Melanie’s body. Her uterus has a love shape and two cavities.

(sample graph)

The two uterus will not make pregnancy difficulty, but it will increase the risk of babies or premature birth …

This is like adding a partition layer in a large room. Although the number of rooms becomes a lot, the space becomes small, and the air flow (blood circulation) will become worse …

Therefore, in February 2017, when the eldest daughter Phoebe was only 29 weeks, they came to the world through a cesarean section.

When she was born, she only had 2 pounds and 3 ounces (about 1 kg).

In 2019, Melanie and her husband Ben ushered in the second child. Blake, the eldest son, was also born at 34 weeks at 34 weeks, weighing 6 pounds and 5 ounces (2.86 kg).

Originally thought that the journey to bred a small life came to an end. I did not expect that just two months later,

Melanie is pregnant again, and this time the situation is even more complicated …

In the early stages of pregnancy, due to the special uterine structure of Melanie, she went to an ultrasonic examination in the eighth week.

This time, the doctor found that she was pregnant with twins, and the heartbeat of two babies could be heard in her belly.

The doctor suggested that the couple came to the hospital for examination every two weeks, so that they could observe the situation during the pregnancy at any time.

By the 12th week, when Melanie came to the routine test again, the doctors had a new discovery. They told Melanie and her husband that she was pregnant with a trigger, and the babies were miraculously growing in different uterus!

One side is a pair of twin female babies, and the other side is a male baby.

The probability of twins from the twin uterus is only one millionth, and there are only four cases of triggea from the twin uterus. Melanie is the first case in the UK.

This not only surprised melanie himself, but also said that he couldn’t speak.

Even the doctor called: "This is really crazy!"

There are three babies hidden in my belly, so that Melanie’s pregnancy process is very hard,

She really realized how different pregnancy is from the past,

"I often feel that the babies on both sides are kicking my belly in turns. Every time I kick on one side, the other side will stop automatically."

"Strangely, what I want to eat is the same as the previous two pregnancy. I especially want to eat jelly and fudge. I am particularly fat when I am pregnant. I feel like a behemoth.

Every night, I feel very uncomfortable every night, and my body is full of exhaustion, but for these three children, I must continue to work hard!"

Worried that babies will suffer from the blood transfusion syndrome (TTTS), so as to share a placenta, Melanie and husband have to travel frequently between Puzmouth and Southampton’s hospitals.Hospital, do more tests,

Fortunately, all test results are within the normal range.

On January 26 this year, three babies of Brooke, BEAU and Isabelle came to life at 32 weeks through a caesarean section.

From then on, Melanie has been taking care of five young children full -time.

In less than a year, the Four Houses have become a full -fledged family of seven.

Although the formation of such a big family is not expected by Melanie, now she is looking forward to life every day.

The Christmas just passed is the first time that this family spent Christmas together.

Melanie is very happy: "All of this is for children, having them make me complete!"


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