British 42 -year -old woman is difficult to get pregnant and suffers from serious complications, and refuses to surgery miracles to give birth to a healthy triplet

According to the "Mirror" reported on June 13, a 42 -year -old mother in the UK was diagnosed with twin blood transfusion syndrome after being triggered.Essence

Born in a big family, Summer Shillingford has been looking forward to her children, but her childcare road is not so smooth.

In 2013, after experiencing a miscarriage, two ectopic pregnancy, and seven test tubes failing, Sammer finally gave birth to the first daughter Violet.

The arrival of Volitt gave Simer and her husband Davidson Shillingford a hint of hope that they began to look forward to more children.

In 2017, the couple began to fertilize the test tube again. After experiencing four difficult test tube fertilization, 42 -year -old Samo finally became pregnant in October last year, and was still one pair of twins.

However, in the 19th week of her pregnancy, the couple faced a difficult choice -killing a child to save the life of other children, or risked the danger of all children.

In the 19th week of pregnancy, the doctor diagnosed Summer with TTTS (twin blood transfusion syndrome), which is a rare and severe complication. Trilogy sharing a placenta will lead to a limit of growth and anemia. In severe casesThe mortality rate of the triplet reached 90%.

After learning about this bad news, Semo and Davidson were extremely heartbroken, but the couple resolutely refused to kill a child.

Sayo said: "The doctor suggested that we kill one of the children to give other children the opportunity to survive. But I said I can’t do it that way. If I let him die, I can’t survive it myself."

Davidson also said: "These children are destined to come here. As their parents, it is our responsibility to give them a fair opportunity."

Miracle happened, and their persistence gave them three healthy boys.Davidson said: "This is a very happy moment. I feel relieved to see my children crying out."

Due to the new crown virus, the eldest daughter of the two has not seen her younger brother, but Volitt prepared them her favorite cute sheep and painted them.

Although Semo stays at the hospital every day, she is immersed in the joy of the child’s health, and she is happy to plan the future of this big family.

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