Breast breast sagging during pregnancy?What should I pay attention to?

Choose the right breastfeeding underwear to make you look good!Pregnant women can also make a delicate piglet

After pregnancy, there will be a sagging of the chest. This is a problem that every pregnant mother will encounter. Whether during pregnancy or breastfeeding, we must take the corresponding nursing measures to protect the symptoms of breast sagging on the chest.

Preventing and breastfeeding chest sagging needs to do daily nursing work, mainly to do the following two points:

After about 3 months, the chest starts to grow fast ~ At this time you need a comfortable underwear

️ Comfortable pregnant women’s underwear, pregnant mothers must choose the suitable underwear that is suitable for themselves. Do not wear too tight or too loose corset during pregnancy. If it is too tight, it will cause the breast to be oppressed.Not enough, it will make the chest more and more drooping, so you need to choose the right breasts underwear.

How to care?

️ After taking a shower every day, you can massage the chest appropriately, and apply a tight cream of the chest to prevent the stretch pattern of the chest.

From 37 weeks, you can gently massage your chest. 5-10 minutes each time, the number of massage is increased, which is of great help to the production of prolactin.

Insufficient protein can also cause your chest to sag, and your chest will be painful during pregnancy.To prevent the chest sagging, you can supplement more high -protein foods.Eat foods with high protein content during pregnancy is better for babies.

Bleak️ Another because Bao Ma quickly diet to lose weight after giving birth, it only allows the body to mobilize storage fat and protein to cope with it, and the breasts are often the first.In this way, the fat and protein of the breasts will become less, so diet weight loss will only make the chest droop more and more.

Bathing with very hot water can also cause breast sagging.Too hot water will scald the cuticles on the surface of the skin to dry the skin and make the soft tissue of the breast more and more relaxed.Therefore, the temperature of the pregnant mothers is the best at about 37 degrees.

During pregnancy, breast sagging is a very normal physiological phenomenon. Pay more attention to the care in life. After the end of the breastfeeding period, strengthen the body’s recovery exercise. Proper massage will return to the original state.

I hope that every pregnant mother is super beautiful during pregnancy. ️ The baby is born and healthy.

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