Both three -armed four -armed four -handed four -handed deformity baby boy was born on the spot in the birth of a mother in India

Source: Overseas Network

Overseas Network, November 27th. On the 23rd local time, a Indian woman gave birth to a malformed baby boy with two heads, three arms and four palms in the hospital, scaring fainting on the spot.

According to the New York Post, 21 -year -old Babita Ahirwar and her 25 -year -old husband, Jaswant Singh Ahirwar, married last year.Barbie had a conventional ultrasonic examination at 35 weeks of pregnancy. The doctor told the couple that they were about to usher in a pair of twins.The news excited them and looked forward to the two small lives that are coming.However, doctors ignore an important detail: the baby in the Barbie’s belly is not twins, but a conjoined baby.

When the child was born, the couple were stunned.Barbie, who was the first mother, fainted on the spot after seeing her child.The upset mother later recalled, "When the nurses opened the towel, I saw that our first child had two heads and three arms, and I was completely scared."

Surendra Sonkar, a pediatric expert in the local hospital, said that one of the arm of the baby boy had two palms, and the double head "twins" shared a heart and other internal organs.He said, "This is a very rare situation." For the first time in his career, he saw such a case.

Due to the abnormal "twins", local doctors can only transfer them to Hamidia Medical College of Bopa City, which are better in medical equipment for treatment.

At present, this will be unknown how the baby’s future, but for this accident, this is not good for novice parents.Barbie said, "What we want is just a normal and healthy baby, but God punish us like this," however, her husband is more optimistic, saying "this is my child, I will still raise him, I will raise him, I will be raised, I will raise him. I will raise him. I will raise him. I will raise him.I haven’t hugged him yet. "

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