Bleeding after pregnancy, don’t just think of fetal protection, be alert

Two years after getting married, Ms. Zhang, 26, found that she had menopause during her pregnancy for 14 days. She saw the double bar with her expectation self -test self -testing and urine pregnancy test. She thought she was pregnant, which also made the whole family happy.I never thought that after 2 months, repeated vaginal bleeding, accompanied by pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen.

She was extremely worried, and the baby who was afraid of being pregnant was gone. She immediately went to the hospital for treatment. As a result, it was worse.Fortunately, Ms. Zhang’s herbal tires did not find a significant tendency to change, so her condition was cured after the Qing Palace.However, she also needed contraception for 1-2 years to consider conception to reduce the risk of recurrence. During this time, she had to go to the hospital for regular follow-up.

It is not uncommon for the above situation. However, most of the female friends may know little about the disease. Many people mistakenly think that it is a precursor to abortion.The best time to intervene in early evil changes and damage women’s health, so it is necessary for female friends to understand this disease.


What is a hydatidifier?

Porttal tires, also known as blisters, are formed by the hyperplasia of the placental pills and nourishing cells and interstitial edories.Extracting/metastatic hydatidum is a malignant tumor.

Similar to abortion thresholds, it often manifested as irregular vaginal bleeding after amenorrhea, and sometimes it can discharge blisters at the same time.

In addition, there may be symptoms such as those with an increase in uterine more than the month of pregnancy, pregnancy vomiting and pregnancy hypertension syndrome, ovarian luteal cysts and abdominal pain.Few patients may have symptoms such as hemoptysis and epilepsy if they have a lungs and brain metastases.


How to diagnose hydatidoscopy?

When you see the grape -like blisters in the vaginal discharge, you can basically be diagnosed as a beef tire.However, there may not be such typical clinical symptoms in early patients with hydatidum, which is easy to misdiagnose and missed diagnosis, so the necessary auxiliary examination is indispensable.

Generally referring to HCG measurement and type B ultrasonic examination, it is enough to diagnose hydatidal tires. However, the gold standard diagnosis is still pathological examination. In addition, chromosomal division and molecular gene classification can provide a basis for further typing.The HCG level of this type of patients is usually high, and a few exceptions. When HCG is higher than the normal pregnancy of the corresponding month, and the ultrasound is not seen by the ultrasound, it is seen that the uterine cavity is full of different sizes, like a snowflake -like light, and like a snowflake -like film.It can be judged as a hydatarin.


Dangerous factors of Portuguese malignant changes

According to statistics, about 10%-20%of hydatidal will change, that is, it transforms into erosive hydatidal or chorionic cancer.At present, the risk factors that are generally recognized include more than 40 years of age, increased uterine abnormalities, less than 0.5cm in diameter of blisters, more than 6cm in diameter of luteum cysts, and blood HCG levels ≥105U/L.

Therefore, many experts in this part of the patient have proposed to add preventive chemotherapy and close monitoring HCG to prevent evil.

Pregnancy is a major event for most women. It is extremely unusual but also challenges some people.The hope of breeding of hydatidians has also caused the physical health of female friends, which should attract everyone’s attention, especially for women who repeatedly occur during pregnancy but have no regular check -up!

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