Black tea, green tea, and Pu’er tea that have been put in the house for several years can we drink it?

"Your Pu’er tea is too dirty!" Lao Zhou held the tea cup, unable to stop disgusting.

Lao Zhou’s friend Lao Liu’s guest was a guest. He didn’t see it for a few years. Lao Liu was very enthusiastic and took out Pu’er tea that has been collected at home for five years to entertain.Lao Zhou did not like to drink Pu’er before. He felt that Pu’er tea was made of moldy and more moldy. He hindered the face of his old friends, and he couldn’t refuse.

I did not expect that the brewed tea came out on it. There was a layer of film on it. It looked like dirty water. Lao Zhou did not dare to go down when he saw it, so the exit was abandoned.

When Lao Liu heard it, he quickly changed the tea brewed tea, saying that the tea cup was dirty. I didn’t expect that there was still a film on the tea that was brewed again. Lao Liu was puzzled. Is this Pu’er really dirty?

People who love to drink tea believe that they have experienced such experiences. After the tea is cold, there will be a layer of film. After touching it with a spoon, a brown material can be left on the spoon. What kind of substance is this?

In 1994, the Department of Chemistry of the British Empire Institute of Technology Michaelspiro and Degratius Jaguy also noticed the thin film on the tea. They also noticed the film on the tea.After analyzing this film such as precision instruments, it is found that this membrane is not oil.It is formed by various components such as air, tea polyphenol, and calcium carbonate ions in the surface of the tea.

After that, they explored the formation of the tea film, and found that the tea film was not produced with distilled water.The biggest difference between distilled water and ordinary water is that ordinary water contains calcium and magnesium plasma. The more water, the more calcium the ion is soaked in tea film.This kind of water is what we call hard water. The higher the hardness of water, the easier it is to form a tea film.

So, is it harmful to the human body?

In fact, the tea film just looks dirty, but it is just some of the unsolved small particles attached to the surface of the organic matter. It will not have a special taste and taste. Even after drinking, it will not cause harm to health.

I will tell you about the tea film. Next, follow Xiao Ai to understand whether Pu’er tea is made of moldy tea as Lao Zhou.

There is a saying on the Internet that "1 Kenpu has 500 million molds, and drinking Pu’er is equivalent to drinking dirty water." In fact, it is not correct.

Pu’er is not moldy tea. It is made of fermentation.During the fermentation process, you need to sprinkle a bunch of green hair tea before covering it with hemp cloth. The height should be piled to 1 ~ 2 meters.Let Pu’er tea ferment.

The fermentation process is to cultivate mold?Does this just confirm that Pu’er tea is made of mold?

No, no, Pu’er tea itself contains a variety of microorganisms and molds including black mold, gray -green mold, and green mold. Among them, the proportion of black molds can reach 80 %.Black mold is the most common fungus in nature that can cause food corruption. It also has its figure in the processing process of alcohol, citric acid and other foods.Although it is the difference between the word and the word is completely different, it is completely different.

Chen Zongzheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that patelomycin likes to grow and reproduce in an environment with a certain amount of fat and protein, and the fat and protein content in Pu’er tea are very low.Toxins produce.And the tea polyphenols in the tea will inhibit the inhibitory of pyloricin.

Although Pu’er tea is not made of mold, it is necessary to pay attention to preservation in daily life. In the case of improper preservation, tea leaves may be moldy.

Theoretically, the longer the improper storage is stored, the greater the risk of being contaminated by yellow mold. In particular, in some regions, the higher the probability of polluting romancin.The best time for different tea leaves is also different, let us take a look one by one.

1. Puki tea

The optimal shelf life of Pu’er tea is only about 10 years. The longer the more, the more fragrant it is to refer to the longer the period during the shelf life.If improper preservation, the shelf life of the tea will be shortened.

2. Green tea

The storage time of green tea is relatively short, and it can be stored for about 1 year at room temperature.If it is not preserved, it will make the tea leaves yellow from 8 to 9 months.Some people with tea refrigerators can extend the shelf life of green tea to 18 months.

3. Black tea

The shelf life of black tea is generally only about 1 year, but the shelf life of some bulk black tea can reach 18 months, and the shelf life of canned black tea can reach about 3 years.

Tea must be drinking during the shelf life. Tea that exceeds the shelf life is likely to deteriorate, and it is easy to bring unnecessary risks to health after drinking.In addition, it is best to avoid these three when drinking Pu’er tea.

Fourth, these kinds of Pu’er tea are not recommended to drink

1. Tea of the head

Pu’er tea will leave some impurities, dust, etc. on the tea leaves during the production process. The head brewing tea generally plays the role of tea leaves, so that it is not recommended to drink tea for tea.

2, hot tea

Drinking tea can easily cause damage to the oral and esophageal epithelial mucosa. Continuous burns can easily lead to mutation of epithelium and become a hidden danger of cancer.It is recommended to drink tea between 18 and 45 ° C, and it should be kept below 50 ° C in winter.

3. Pu’er fresh raw tea

This type of tea has not been oxidized. The polyphenols and aldehydes contained in it inside are high. At the same time, it may also contain tannic acid and caffeine.Symptoms will be more obvious when drinking on an empty stomach.

Regarding tea, there are many rumors in life. We must learn to identify rumors to avoid going into misunderstandings and bring some unnecessary impact on life.”””””

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