Belly stomach during pregnancy!Slay!Slay!

Abdominal distension during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the abdomen will feel bloating due to the changes in physiological nature.According to the survey, almost all pregnant mummy will feel abdominal distension by the late pregnancy.If the bloating feeling is relieved for a while, you don’t have to worry; but if you feel that the abdominal distension is getting more and more, it may cause premature birth and need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Self -examination

In addition to abdominal distension, there are other symptoms?→ Medical immediately;

In the early middle of pregnancy, the abdominal distension was eased after a short break. The doctor was informed during the checkup;

I often feel bloating and bloating. Go to the hospital for treatment;

What is the frequency of abdominal distension?

Such as "1 hour", "once every 10 minutes", etc., and remember the time when the symptoms start, how long it lasted.

How to describe that incredible feeling?

Such as "stomach pounding", "lower abdomen suddenly colic", "stiff stomach", etc. to describe specific symptoms;

Other symptoms: If other symptoms such as bleeding and abdominal pain appear, they must also be transmitted to the doctor.


Do not worry about physiological abdominal distension, check the frequency and strength of the abdominal distension.

Abdominal distension is actually the contraction of the uterus.After the start of pregnancy, as the uterus becomes larger or after fetal activity, it will cause abdominal distension.These are normal physiological phenomena.

However, (the style of painting changes too quickly, please hurry up.) Some bloating is a precursor of certain lesions.If the pressure is too high or overworked, the uterus will be in a state of tension, which will cause poor blood flow, and the abdomen will become tight.If you feel bloating and lie quietly, you will usually feel very relaxed. If you have a rest not to alleviate, but on the contrary, you need to go to the hospital to see a doctor immediately.

When is physiological abdominal distension?

This is actually not a problem ~~ There may be such abdominal distension at all stages of pregnancy.

Early: increased uterus.In most cases, pregnant moms will feel uncomfortable lower abdomen and bloating.This is caused by the rapid increase of uterus due to pregnancy.

Mid -term: Excessive exercise, be careful not to be too stressful.Don’t think that it is okay to enter the stability period. Excessive exercise will cause bloating.The feeling at this time is hard to harden the abdomen.

Late stage: prepare for childbirth.As the delivery period approaches, the stomach becomes tight in order to meet the pain of the pain in the pain.Sometimes abdominal distension is caused by the fetal movement in the abdomen.

What should I do when I feel bloating?

Stay in bed to make the abdominal blood flow smoothly

If there is no symptoms of bleeding and abdominal pain.Then lie down and rest quietly.Physiological abdominal distension As long as you relax, let your body take a good rest and ensure that blood is smooth.It will gradually recover slowly.If there is no place outside, you can lie down.Then hurry up to find a place where you can sit and rest.

To suppress contraction drugs, you still need to recuperate

Sub -contracting inhibitors can inhibit the contraction of uterine muscles.This drug can expand blood vessels, and occasionally heart palpitations and vomiting.After taking the medicine, try to control and reduce the number of times to go out, do less housework, and rest for a while.

The cause of abdominal distension is the stars in the sky, and one eye is endless.There are too many professional terms, let’s talk while chatting!

Early pregnancy: pellet bleeding, uterine fibroids, round ligaments stretch, ovarian cysts …

Early → mid -term: threatened abortion

Middle → late period: constipation, fetal movement, pregnancy contraction during pregnancy, signs of premature birth

Late: fake contraction, placental peeling early

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