Before marriage, the girl, the examination showed that she was pregnant. My boyfriend: Am I deceived?

"Two people have known each other for more than a year, have nothing, hold hands, kiss, and have nothing, but I am the unlucky egg two months ago. I really can’t accept it."

A conservative girl who has never been in bed with others, was found to be pregnant before marriage, which surprised Xiaoli, and also caught her relationship with her boyfriend into a huge crisis.Xiaoli said that she talked to her boyfriend for more than a year, because the relationship between the two was getting better and better, they decided to get married, so before marriage, they would do a health check before marriage. Who knows that Xiaoli was pregnant and became pregnantIt was surprised by her.

His boyfriend A Liang proposed to break up on the spot. He felt that he was with him for Xiaoli’s purity, but now he was deceived. This made her unwilling. Xiaoli was more aggrieved.Very reserved. When I was with A Liang, at most, I held a hand and kissed it. It was impossible to go to bed with others.Xiaoli also wanted to explain to her boyfriend afterwards, but everything seemed pale and weak. A Liang had no trust in Xiaoli. Every time she saw her, she would be disgusted. The distance between the two was getting farther and farther.Only for her purity, she did so.

He said that she was a conservative girl, and never went to bed with others, but was found to be pregnant. This not only made Xiaoli almost die, but also caused the relationship between her and her boyfriend.EssenceAs a result, the two of them broke out, and her boyfriend A Liang even made a demand for breaking up.

Xiaoli later thought about explanation. She has always been conservative and never did anything unfaithful, but A Liang was even more ridiculed by her. All her arguments were to make excuses for herself.Believe in her, instead makes the relationship between her and A Liang more alienated. What is most worried about Xiaoli is that if they can really find the truth, can their marriage continue?

"I hung up after the call, and I don’t know what kind of situation I will face. I can only say that I will go to the hospital to find an explanation."

In order to prove her innocence, Xiaoli went to the hospital several times to ask for pleasure. Finally, the hospital promised to do a re -examination, but the result was that Xiaoli had never been pregnant, which made Xiaoli relieved.Now Xiaoli’s identity has been confirmed, but why is there a problem with the previous inspection report?

Two people have been together for more than a year, except holding hands and kissing, nothing.However, I was confused for more than two months, and I couldn’t accept it. A conservative girl who had never been in bed with others had been found to be pregnant for two months before marriage, which surprised Xiaoli.

The relationship between Xiaoli and her boyfriend was caught in a huge crisis, and the relationship between the two was also disrupted. However, when she went to the hospital for examination, she found that she was not pregnant. This made her very angry and went directly to the hospital for marriage.Hope to give her an explanation.After several investigations, the staff of the hospital learned that a person from the same name as Xiaoli also did a parent -child identification. However, due to the negligence of the staff, this misunderstanding was caused.The boyfriend apologized, hoping to give Xiaoli an explanation.

Xiaoli’s boyfriend knew about the ins and outs of the matter, immediately apologized to him, and guaranteed that she would believe her unconditionally in the future.This incident was finally settled. Although things have come out of stones, this is a huge psychological shadow for Xiaoli.What do you think?Please leave your opinion in the comment area.

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