Before I divorced my ex -husband and Xiaodan Double Cheng, the dream in the dream after the divorce once became a reality

Text 丨 Silent Zenze

The transparency of a woman is caused by suffering and grievances.When will a woman realize it?As long as you love a person, get a mistake once and have a serious illness, and when you experience the life and death of your relatives or betrayed the harm, you will understand what life is?

The painting of Mengke’s "Scream" made me feel the same, and I did not experience the painful people with heartbroken lungs, liver and intestines, and it is difficult to understand this painting.

Ex -wife, ex -husband, ex -husband, and his current wife, what kind of experience is it under the roof?

Because of my bankruptcy, my mother had cancer, and the hemp rope was detailed. When my life was the most vulnerable, all the dilemma was overwhelmed to me, causing me to cry late at night, making me painful to think so that I would like to think about it.To escape this tragic world.Every day alone is to make the idea of seeking death, and you must do his best.I really have no way to find my ex -husband, so I went to my ex -husband’s office. The ex -husband opened the company. The office environment was very good, but the boss was not me, but the former primary three.

If she is a Primary Three, she is indeed a bit wrong.Because when I divorced my ex -husband at the beginning, I took the initiative to propose it.The reason why I took the initiative was because my heart was hurt.

The ex -husband frequently derailed before that, Primary Three, Primary Four, Primary Five, Primary Six.He originally ordered Xiaosan to become pregnant with a big belly, pregnancy three times, and abortion at three degrees.I am suffering from losses every day.It’s not a problem that I don’t have much degree.Xiaosan gave birth to a child, I just didn’t want to divorce, and I had forced me to go.What’s more, there are small fourth, small five, and primary six.I originally thought that my ex -husband only loved Primary Three, and loved the younger three who just graduated from college.Unexpectedly, there were young young women who had just given birth to a child. In short, he was not refused.And just like his woman, endless.

At that time, my ex -husband’s career had just begun to improve.It has not succeeded yet.But it is precisely because the career has begun to improve and becomes the company’s deputy president, and has the right to recruit female college students who have just leaned out of the school.Coupled with his gentle personality, generous generosity, talent and ability.So he became a many female college students who just went out of the school, or the object of young young women liked.A lover of the ex -husband is also a romantic young woman.Her husband was very successful and rich.Opening the store, and she, as a boss, is beautiful every day.Live a life of respect.At the same time, don’t forget to be happy.The appearance and personality of her ex -husband are all she likes.In this way, she did not try her name or not, and took the initiative to embrace her.Some women take the initiative to send the door. How can men reject?

The wife of my ex -husband is now the white lotus that Xiao San, Primary Four, Primary Five, and Primary Six.I thought I was finally doing my best.One day I dreamed and dreamed that my ex -husband fell in love with this primary three.Of course, she was not Primary Three at the time.It was just a subordinate of the ex -husband, but I felt that my ex -husband looked like a treasure.Even the tone of speaking is extremely gentle.But the ex -husband took the girl as a white lotus.There is a kind of fear of melting in my mouth, holding it in my hand.In the dream, I dreamed that the car I just bought by my husband, also the car of our family, stopped downstairs in this woman, and the ex -husband and her were paired.It seems that they are the couples who love each other, and I just have a "third party."

At the moment, that dream has become a reality.The white lotus became the wife of the ex -husband.And I became an abandoned ex -wife.Sometimes dreams are a prophecy that will help you see the truth about the future space -time tunnel.Just as I dreamed that my ex -husband and this woman became a husband and wife, and I became a "third party".You wake up and think that it is a dream, in fact, that is the real everything in the future.Everything is performed step by step, so you can’t choose.

I went to the office of my ex -husband. The ex -husband is now the chairman. The woman who was once a primary three now became the wife of the ex -husband.And my former wife became a dog falling dog.

The current wife of my ex -husband is much higher than me.Although it is very high, the proportion is coordinated.The most important thing is young and beautiful.Although it is not much beautiful, it is the biggest capital to be young, and you are young.When we divorced, I was 38 years old, and this white lotus was only in her twenties.The age of the ego is naturally more beautiful than me.And men are always the most loyal and always like to be young.

The current wife of the ex -husband is very fashionable, there is a calmness of nourishment, and a kind of elegance that is rich in the ex -husband.When he met his ex -wife, his ex -wife remained decent.It seems very qualified and very cultivated.It’s just in front of me, with a sense of superiority.

The ex -husband is in front of me, although it is very well maintained by my wife, and no longer loves me.But keep at least politeness and respect for me.Even at a certain moment, I want to talk to me and share some of his joy and sorrow with me.It’s just that he is afraid of his current wife.I was afraid his wife now thinks he is interesting to me.

The ex -husband showed off his joy in front of me.I thought he had made money by his company.It turned out that he made most of the money, not by opening a company, but speculating with stock speculation by stocks.What I didn’t expect was that he was not A shares, but US stocks.He and his current wife have a account.They made a lot of money through fried US stocks.

But I was in A shares and lost my family.I used to earn millions of stocks. I confidently my own IQ. However, when people are unlucky, they really have to get teeth when drinking cold water.After this tossing, I have already gone up.

When people are poor, the more anxious to make money, and the more you want to make money quickly, the more you do.I became impatient, frequently stopped meat, and because of the power of margin leverage, I soon burst out.I experienced 5.30 in the middle of the night, experienced the 2012 economic crisis, and experienced the sorrows of the stock market in 2014. I climbed out of the dead piles again and again, and I could still stand up again.I have seen the crazy and proud life, and I have seen the most miserable vicissitudes of life.Often back and forth between the peak and hell. Compared with ordinary people, the bitter and bitterness is more than ten times more than ordinary people.I think I am extremely powerful in my heart. I can still survive after experiencing the peak and hell. However, this time, I am not so lucky. I did n’t wait for the goddess of lucky goddess.Standing up, but being crushed by bad luck, as if God was going to me to death, I didn’t give me a chance to breathe. I went bankrupt.

Compared with the unlimited scenery of the ex -husband, the stock market has made a lot of money, successful career, happiness and happiness. I want to ask the ex -husband how to open US stocks?How can I have to speculate in US stocks?The ex -husband generously shared with me and told me how he made money.The wife of the ex -husband is even more proud.As big customers, they have a lot of funds and their income is considerable.The transaction records they played were English, but I couldn’t understand English.

The ex -husband and his current wife are studying how to buy another villa.Their lives are very happy.Just in front of my life distress, let me witness their happiness and success, and then face my own failure and disappointment, and my heart intersects.

I don’t know if my self -esteem is right or wrong?If I was willing to divorce, and there was nothing about his current wife.And his current wife shows the superiority of the superiority in front of me, as if she is just a good name.In my mind, when I saw that my ex -husband looked like a fairy, his position in his mind was obviously not loved.Seeing his beloved woman, love without love.To me, I was indifferent.That kind of not being loved is a third party, and he rushes into his heart.Perhaps in order to protect your own interests, you should not divorce.But seeing his love for another woman, any behavior that protects his own interests makes me look down on myself.

Although I am high, the other party will not be kind to me, nor will I thank me.When the fate was exhausted, it made me feel cold.When he divorced, he did not succeed, but his career had just begun to improve.So I did n’t get any benefits. After the divorce, the so -called predecessors planted trees, and the future generations were cool. The original match was the most desolate.The white lotus of her ex -husband, nourishing the gesture of her ex -husband’s love for her and the money made by her ex -husband.And the ex -husband treats me, no matter how successful it is, even if I face the dilemma of life and death, and the difficulty of being able to pass, he also draws the boundaries with me and does not want to help me a little help.As if we have never loved each other, we have never been a husband and wife, we are the most familiar strangers in the world.

Seeing the love of his ex -husband and his current wife, my heart was calm.

Although, before that, the ex -husband had been derailed for several years, and in the years after divorce, the tears that my life flowed for him almost dried his tears.Because of the heavy feelings, I have no body that I hurt my body, and my thoughts are gray.

What is Fuki Rongrong?A woman’s husband married is the decent of a woman.The degree of respected a woman is the husband married by a woman.Don’t ignore the harm of divorce to women.For some women, it can even be fatal.

A few days ago, I saw a short article. A woman was derailed because of her husband, long -term sadness, and finally the woman went to the mountain to commit suicide.When the woman’s body was found, the blood on the woman was dried.Her face, how desperate, how helplessly she had to be.Behind all the collapse, why not deeply love his husband he loves.

It’s just that the feelings in the world are not equal.Often a woman loves her husband, the more she does not love her.Once the love only represents the past and does not mean forever.Time is like a tunnel.The change is changing in seconds.At this time, you may be youthful, and your husband is a period of life in life. If you have nothing, you are extremely favored by you.After three years, five years, seven years, or ten years, time is changing, time and space change, human heart is changing, and love is also impermanent.If a man’s career starts to improve, with more women’s admiration for him, when you meet young and beautiful women, your love for you will not exist.And when you still stay in the past, you are wrong, amazed, at a loss.The huge collapse and weakness will indeed make a woman all ashamed.And I haven’t experienced the pain of heartbreaking and lungs, the heart of the liver and intestine?

If a woman committed suicide because her husband fell in love with others, would a man feel guilty?Of course, men will only hate you even more.

For this man, what does your life and death have to do with me?That’s what you are looking for.What does your illness have to do with tears?That’s what you are looking for.

What a man wants is that he can afford it like him.Love if you love, don’t love if you don’t love, live in the moment.But for a woman who is in love, how can she be as chic like him?Wave a sleeve without taking away a cloud.

Emphasis on people with unwavering people are a fatal damage in themselves.Those who have a long passion, even the cats and dogs they raised treat them as their families.Those who are passionate, even if she has suffered with you, suffered from difficulties, and experienced countless unforgettable days.Goodbye Bai Lianhua, he used to be with your old love, and he disappeared instantly.

A affectionate person, talking about feelings with a thin person, is tantamount to insulting himself.This world pays attention to interests.For men, women’s youthful beauty is also part of the interests.When you have no such benefit, or he has found a better benefit to him, you have lost the greatest value to this man.Talking to the other party with each other, it is not suitable.

After all, we want to grow up, after all, we have to understand the truth of this world.After all, we have to penetrate the emotional mystery.A affectionate person no longer believes in feelings, she becomes indifferent, numb, and not affectionate.It wasn’t she was a cool person, but because of her affection and affectionate injuries.Nympho

From small to large, most of the text we see is praise for feelings.Or some so -called values, such as men’s loyalty to women.In fact, these ethics and values often make us a weak.

Because this violates human nature, looking at the history of thousands of years, from the emperor, to the people, do you see how many men only love one woman in their lives?

In ancient times, a monogamy system, when a man likes the new and hates the old, at least he can also bear a responsibility for his old wife.The wife can still rely on her husband.At the moment of a monogamy system, men can only divorce when they have new love.The abandoned old wife could only cry.Like falling water dogs, there are no branches.

How can women have so much trial and error costs?The woman’s younger is very short. In the most beautiful years, the person who encounters the wrong person, the person to divorce in the middle age, the good man does not divorce, and the high -quality man who is married will not be able to meet you.The meaning of husband and wife is not just a relationship of love.Among them, there are economic collaborations to improve each other’s economic strength and resist the economic crisis.What’s more, her husband is a woman’s clothes.A woman who lost her husband seems to be laughed at by the world.Even from women, parents, brothers and sisters despise it.Why is it not like the collapse of the Domino card, step by step.

Of course, some people will say that a person can also live a wonderful and powerful, but ask if there are a few people who live independence, freedom, and glory in this world.Marriage is also their destiny, while accompanied by the collapse of their marriage, and their lives.Indeed, life does not rely on hard work, and choice is greater than hard work.The choice was wrong, and it was wrong from the beginning, and a woman’s life, choosing a man, I am afraid that the price paid for a lifetime.Originally, he can have a happy life that has a happy life, and it will become a tragic and desolate life like a falling dog.

In fact, I am extremely calm, and the ex -husband who watched the ex -husband and the current wife love each other.I also accepted their wealthy life now, but I was in a dilemma of poverty.I don’t expect them to help me.For those who are passionate, how old is there?

What are the brothers and brothers?It is no longer a husband and wife. What does your life and death have something to do with me?The so -called living in the present is to make money to the current wife.The old wife’s life is not helpful and obligated.Couples who are married are really not as good as friends.When you encounter difficulties, friends who really treat you are also generous to you and will try your best to help you.And between husband and wife?

Sometimes I recall the days when I love my ex -husband, so sweet.He used to be the person I trusted most in the world.However, it is precisely the person I trust the most, hurting me the deepest.

When I slapped my ex -husband fiercely, my ex -husband was unwilling to show weakness, and he respected my slap.The current wife of the ex -husband, when I saw me fighting my ex -husband, my ex -husband hit me, a little overwhelmed.

I thought I put down all the hatred of hatred and watched the law of weak meat and strong food in this world.Accept a person who once loved me is now cool and indifferent to me.I thought I was used to it, my heart was already frozen, and there was no love or hate.But at a certain moment, the anger in my heart was still ignited and couldn’t restrain it, hysterical.

Fortunately, I was just a dream.And time with his ex -husband and his ex -husband’s current wife, all this is a dream.It’s just that this dream is like a dream, and I don’t know.Just as the ex -husband had regarded the current wife as white lotus, and it was a dream at the time.However, now the dreams at that time have become the reality of cold.

But I think in the real world, I can still be able to do it, rational, objective.I won’t be emotional, and to stir up the slap of the husband.

After all, I have to accept reality.The reason why I was in pain is because I look forward to my ex -husband will love me.The more indifferent he is, the more ruthless, the more cool, the more I can’t accept it, the more I hate him.If I don’t expect him to love me, no matter what attitude he is on me, I am afraid I will be extremely calm.

Sometimes I hate him, and I hate it so much that I want to retaliate against him.I can’t get revenge in this life, and I will retaliate in the next life.Of course, for a woman as kind as me, my so -called revenge cannot be done to hurt him.I hope that if there is a fate, let him fall in love with me, and then I can do it like him, betrayed him ruthlessly and hurt him.Let him taste the suffering I have suffered.Otherwise, he will never experience it. My liver and intestine are broken, distracted, unforgettable pain, and the fate of my life …

People don’t know that they are wrong, and he can feel the same unless the same pain is placed on him.Otherwise, he gave all the pain of others, and he felt it for granted and indifferent.And the damage of feelings is not fatal damage?

Now that I face love and hate, everything is relieved.Those unforgettable pains, although there are still scarred scars in my heart, are no longer blood.

I no longer expect who will love me, and I don’t expect someone to love me.Because I know all love needs to have benefits.When you cannot provide the core value needs of the other party, youth and beauty, money or wealth, love cannot happen.

For old women like me, young and beautiful, this core value appeal is obviously not enough.What about the rest? I am a failed woman.

If anyone really loves me?So why do you love me?Perhaps the truth of loving me behind is because he is the same as me. A man can’t meet the white lotus in his mind at the trough of his career, so he rides a donkey to find a horse.And when my spare tire, when a man comes out of the predicament, maybe he has to face the same reincarnation.Nympho

When you are in a desperate situation, no one is willing to reach out to you and pull you to help you.The despair and collapse will make you look firm and cold when you go out of the trough in the future, because she deeply understands that her love is not worth a article in this world.All the feelings in the world need money dimension.When you have no money, you can see how the real world is.Either life or death, you can’t resist the waves of fate, you will be swallowed by fate.If you can get out of the swamp of fate, you are no longer the woman who was kind and gentle, depending on the life.

Because you understand that almost no one in this world can help you.Even if you are willing to help your friends, it is extremely limited to your help.In the end, you have to rely on your tenacious perseverance to face the courage of difficulties to fight against the storms of the wind in life.

Regardless of your success or failure, you have experienced wisdom and epiphany in this suffering.Suffering will make a person’s soul deeper; suffering will make a person’s eyes more transparent.

No one’s transparency is not torn out by adversity, and the pattern of no one is not sad.If a person is resolute, transparent, decisive, and indifferent, then he must have experienced adversity, suffering, grievances and sadness that you can’t imagine.

Author 丨 Silent Jingzawa

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