Because of the cola, netizens have noisy, and Dr. Jinan is an important reminder

A few days ago, on a short video platform, a netizen released a video of "from discovery of renal dysfunction to the late stages of uremia, I only took only four years, cherish life, and stay away from cola."

In the comment area of the video, many netizens quarreled, and some believed that the netizen had nothing to do with uremia and cola, while others listed the harm of drinking cola.

Although the dangers of drinking carbonated drinks

More or less recognized

But what harm can cola cause?

Can uremia cause uremia?


New Yellow River reporter interviewed medical experts

Appears: Drink cola induce diabetes

Concurrent kidney disease

In another short video of the netizen, he talked in detail the process of illness, and there was one thing at any time during the whole course -Coke, whether it was a lot of drinking before the illness or no taboos after illness.Xin Huanghe reporter also contacted the netizen himself and learned that his real name was Xue. He was 35 years old.

Mr. Xue introduced his illness in detail.He said that from 2008 to 2018, he often drank cola, sometimes one or two days a day or two, or even drinking two or three cups a day."I have a 750 ml large cup of cola each time, which can be said to drink cola without restraint." Mr. Xue said that in 2012, he suffered from gout and had to occur once a week.Tell him that the reason why he suffered from the disease was related to his poor living habits such as staying up late and high -protein diet.At the same time, he was also found to have high uric acid and high blood sugar.

But he did not treat regularly. He only took the right analgesic drugs and did not take uric acid drugs.He has no jealousy for high blood sugar. He continues to drink cola and eat foods containing high sugar.Until 2017, he was found to have renal insufficiency and diabetes, and he did not taboo. While taking hypoglycemic drugs and insulin, he was still drinking cola and usual.In 2019, his renal function has not developed into the late stage of uremia. At this time, he started formal treatment and improvement of living habits, quitting cola, paying attention to diet, and taking drugs to lower uric acid.

"It can be summarized that my illness experience is hyperglycemia (more than 20 blood sugar was as high as 20) → diabetes → diabetic and kidney disease → renal insufficiency → uremia. It can be said that high sugar, high uric acid and incorrect lifestyleThe main cause of the symptoms is that drinking cola is one of my incorrect lifestyles and one of the causes. What I want to tell you here is that drinking cola must be restrained.

Netizens hotly discussion: Some agree

Some denying is related to cola

Mr. Xue said that his mistakes have been made. The video of shooting mainly wants to tell friends who are not sick far away from the incorrect lifestyle. Once the kidney function is incomplete, the process is irreversible. Slowly development will become uremia."Don’t regret getting sick."But to make him worry, in the comment area of his short video, 70%of netizens may think that his illness has nothing to do with cola, or disagree.Only 30%of netizens agree with him.

New Yellow River reporter saw in its comment area that the most liked praise comments said: "Although I don’t like cola, I am 100 % determined that uremia has nothing to do with cola. It can be said that there is nothing to do between the two. Compared toThis, there is the biggest suspicion of technology milk tea, technology barbecue, and technology hot pot. "Other netizens said," It’s different from drinking cola and just drinking cola. ""Fake" "In personal constitution, I have a bottle a day in six or seven years, and now there is nothing else except fat."

Some netizens agreed with Mr. Xue’s point of view and enumerated the harm of cola."I have a classmate in my junior high school, drinking various drinks every day, and my teeth in their 20s are almost gone." "I drank a sweet drink for 5 years, and the creatinine exceeded the standard. It prompted kidney damage., But stable. "

"Occasionally drinking cola is not related, I am afraid that it does not have an restraint. Although drinking cola does not necessarily get uremia, once it gets late, the kidney function is not irreversible, so I have to guard against it." Mr. Xue said.

Experts doubt: Cola can only be said to be the cause of the cause, not the cause

There are these hazards

So, does Cola and Mr. Xue have the relationship with uremia?New Yellow River reporters saw on a cola packaging that cola is composed of water, fruit and glucose, white sugar, food additives, and edible spices. Each bottle contains 26.5 grams of carbohydrates and 26.5 grams of sugar.Due to its high -calorie and unhealthy lifestyle, it has been derived from a new network name -Fat House Happy Water.

Speaking of Mr. Xue’s specific case, Liu Haiying, deputy director of the Department of Nephrology at the Second Hospital of Shandong University, introduced that because Mr. Xue was only 35 years old and he was young, he must first distinguish whether his diabetes was type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is related to genetic defects, from the rise of blood sugar to protein urine to renal insufficiency, generally only 10 years.Of course, with the change of lifestyle, type 2 diabetes, which is closely related to bad living habits, is becoming younger and younger. Mr. Xue does not rule out type 2 diabetes.

"In medical, cola and uremia have no strict causal relationship. It cannot be said that it is the cause, but it can only be said that it is a incentive." Liu Haiying said that gout and diabetes are all metabolic diseases. They are all because they eat them.Excessive things, exceeding the body’s need, bring a heavy burden on the body, causing regulatory obstacles to normal physiological function.Drinking cola is only one of the causes. Diabetes is the result of the comprehensive effect of bad living habits.

Healthy people may be sick without drinking cola, and people who are already sick cannot be the case.Liu Haiying said that patients with renal insufficiency have decreased ion balance function, and renal detoxification functions have weakened. Coca -Cola contains high potassium and high sodium. Continue drinking may cause sudden death."Previously, we had a patient in clinical clinical, with renal insufficiency, have been dialysis, and then developed to uremia, ready to be transplanted. But on the eve of the transplantation, he went to a fast dining restaurant with his son and drank a cup of cola, causing high potassium to cause high potassiumHealmia, I did not rescue it to the hospital. "

She said that at present, diabetes and kidney disease have become the first cause of chronic renal failure, accounting for nearly half, and renal diseases caused by diabetes have developed faster than other primary diseases, so pay more attention.

If standardized treatment, not all patients with renal dysfunction have developed into the result of uremia.Standard treatment measures include the clear cause. For treatment, pay attention to rest, maintain a good mood, low -fat and low -salt low protein diet, salt -restricted water control, etc.Drinking cola for a small amount and occasional cola does not affect your health.However, for children, pregnant women, and basic diseases such as basic diseases, it is better to drink less.In particular, you ca n’t drink without any seductive, usually drink cola as water.

Liu Haiying said that cola is a carbonated drink, which is weakly acidic and is corrosive. Coca -cola phosphate will reduce the absorption of calcium in the body. Frequent drinking will have osteoporosis. Now many children are osteoporosisDrink Cola caused.Coca -Cola corrosive teeth are the same as dental caries.

In addition, the most important harm of cola is to bring obesity.Because Coca -Cola, as a sugar -containing beverage, contains very high energy. If you drink too much, you will enter the body to form too much calories and store it in the form of fat, causing obesity high hair, and then harm the body to the bodyhealthy.The caffeine in Coke will also disordinate the nervous system of the human body, making people insomnia, excitement, and nervous."So drinking cola must be moderate. Without control may cause such problems, the possibility of illness will increase." Liu Haiying said.

(New Yellow River client reporter Susan)

Source: Shandong Provincial Party Committee Political and Legal Committee

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