Beauty news anchor officer Xu Xuan’s pregnancy!Bringing a April pregnant belly work, one year ago, he was weak

On March 6, there were media reports that the beauty news anchor Lin Yanru official announced the good news of her second child. She was finally looking forward to the baby who was diagnosed a new crown a year ago.bless.

Lin Yanru posted on the social platform revealed that she was four months pregnant, but she still insisted on stinging on the job and broadcasting news. She was wearing a professional suit and a slender waist and long legs.Working with pregnant belly.

According to Lin Yanru, she found that she was pregnant during a business trip. At that time, she was excited to cry on the toilet and cried, and she couldn’t control her emotions. She finally waited for this long -awaited baby.Essence

At the same time, Lin Yanru also revealed that since the new crown was diagnosed a year ago, her body has not been very good. Even if she recovers later, she often felt panic and panting, and her body became weaker.

In order to restore her body as soon as possible, Lin Yanru has been adjusting her diet, and she often exercises often. She hopes to return to the health state before the diagnosis. Now she has a baby and hopes that her body can get better and better, so as not to affect the baby in the belly.growing up.

It is reported that Lin Yanru’s family has been diagnosed with a new crown. She was infected by her family. After the diagnosis, she continued to have a high fever, sore throat, cough, and some rashes appeared in her arms. She even lost her taste and smell. The condition was very bad.

Because the hospital was full at that time, Lin Yanru did not go to the hospital after diagnosis. Instead, he was isolated at home with the husband and son of the same diagnosis.

Although Lin Yanru was cured in the end, it was inevitable that the sequelae was left, and her husband’s condition was more serious. The problem of fibrosis in the lungs had occurred, and even he could not breathe air.

Fortunately, Lin Yanru’s family of three came over, but unfortunately, her mother -in -law died unfortunately after 59 days of diagnosis. Although her father -in -law healed, her body was not good.

2021 is a very sad year for Lin Yanru’s family, so after learning that he was pregnant, Lin Yanru would inevitably be more excited. Finally, there was good news, which was also a comfort for the whole family.

After finally looking forward to the second child, Lin Yanru also said that he would definitely give all his love to the little angels in his stomach. Now Lin Yanru’s most important thing is to raise your body, pay attention to diet, exercise more, restore his energy as soon as possible, and protect this well.The difficult children also wish Lin Yanru’s second child to be born safely.

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Author: Tao Tao Cans

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