Beauty net red official announcement is pregnant!I did not have a wedding for half a month, and fell in love for half a year.

On March 8th, Million Pink Beauty Network Hongzhuang Zhuangzhuang sent offers on the social platform to declare pregnancy. She got good news so quickly that she got married last month. Many netizens sent blessings.

Zhuangzhuang exposed his report on the Internet to the hospital for inspection, and revealed that he had been holding up for three days, and waited for this special day to tell everyone about this special day on March 8. She finally caught up with the last bus of the baby Tiger.

In fact, Zhuangzhuang has always wanted a baby. She left a message in the comment area and revealed that she was envious of her friends before she could have a tiger baby. She also wanted to have a babies in the tiger. This time, she can be regarded as expected.

Zhuangzhuang and her husband were surprised by the arrival of the baby. She revealed that her husband had helped the baby to get the name. For the time being, it was called "Wang Zhongwang", which caused many netizens to call "cute".

The arrival of the baby is the best new wedding gift for Zhuangzhuang. Many fans have commented in the comment area to express congratulations, but some netizens are worried that what should I do if she is pregnant with the baby’s wedding now.?

In fact, Zhuangzhuang just got married with her husband’s certificate on February 22. It was only half a month in full. The two also planned to go to Sanya to take wedding photos on March 9th. The baby’s arrival disrupted the couple’s plan.

It was only half a month when I was married. Naturally, Zhuangzhuang and her husband had no time to have a wedding. Zhuangzhuang, who had planned to hold a wedding in May, is also very confused. I can only discuss with my family to arrange it again.

I have to say that Zhuangzhuang from love to getting married to having children can be described as "fast". Some netizens also lamented that "the person who meets the right person is like a flying train", good news one after another.

In fact, Zhuangzhuang had a five -year -old boyfriend Lao Shang who had been in love with her husband for five years. The two often showed their love online and were very sweet. Zhuangzhuang also agreed to the proposal of Lao Shang in 2018, but unfortunately the two eventually ended upStill failed to go to the end.

The relationship between Zhuangzhuang and Lao Shang ended very unpleasantly. The two were torn on the Internet for a while, and they were very stiff, and soon they broke up Zhuangzhuang officially announced the new relationship with the current.

After falling in love with the current love, Zhuangzhuang’s life seems to be stepping on the accelerator rapidly. He got married for nearly half a year.There are 1.7 million, very arrogant.

After the marriage, Zhuangzhuang and her husband became more and more sweet. She often shared her newlywed life on social platforms. It was warm and sweet. Many of the "old fans" who watched her love and got married were also very relieved.

From love, marriage to pregnancy, Zhuangzhuang only took nearly half a year, which is very fast, but it is okay to meet the right person.Looking forward to hearing more good news about her!


Author: Tao Tao Cans

Editor: Cherry

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