Bao Ma’s full -time anxiety is actually a lack of security. What are the methods of self -adjustment?

The hardest thing in the world is to bring children!

The happiest thing in the world is to bring children!

Every woman basically experiences the journey of love, marriage, and children. The hard work and hardships of October in October will only know.After finally giving birth to the child, he will experience the process of confinement, and even the full -time baby in the back.

Because of the need to bring children, Baoma’s own freedom time is gone at all. Many work and even other lives have been delayed. They have to give up. In order to take care of the children, Baoma paid a lot and experienced it.A lot of it.

I used to be a mother -in -law who took the baby full -time. I was pregnant to give birth to my son. I did n’t go to work for several years. I took a year of pregnancy and took my child to 3 years old. I started trying to go outside to find a job.And it is too long to go to work, too far from home.

To be honest, in the days of bringing baby in those years, I was very anxious. On the one hand, as a novice mother, worried that they would not bring a good child, and worried that they could not keep up with the rhythm of society for too long.After walking, I am worried that my husband will have a heart to me.

There are too many things that are not sure. In that time when I took the downturn with a full -time baby, I was as anxious as many Baoma, and I also suffered from depression.

Perhaps many Baoma is the same as me. She is particularly anxious about many things, it is easy to be emotional, and it is easy to worry about many things. In the face of many things, I am overwhelmed.worried.This kind of confusion, I think many treasures will have it.

Later, I calmed down with my husband and talked about these things. Telling him about my anxiety and anxiety. With his help, I finally slowly recovered my normal emotions and mentality.I returned to the workplace with confidence and found a very satisfactory job.In this regard, I am very grateful to my husband.

Many Baoma actually wants to bring their children by themselves, but many things are not for themselves soon.I believe that every mother hopes that she can bring out independent and clever, sensible and well -behaved babies, and grow up with their children, isn’t it just a very happy thing?

But reality is also in front of it. For the vast majority of Baoma, bringing a full -time baby in full -time means that many things must start again, facing many uncomfortable, and even broken the plan. Everything needs to be re -planned.,for example:

Return to the discomfort of family life from your familiar workplace;

A sense of panic and insecure for losing the source of independent economy;

Worried about taking care of the child’s care accident;

Worried that you can’t bring your child well;

Fear of affecting the future life/career planning after taking the baby full -time.

Of course, depending on the situation of each person, the cause of anxiety is different. For example, if the elderly also help bring their children, there may be conflicts between mother -in -law and mother -in -law.Emotion and mentality.

You know, every mother is the first time to be a mother.

Every detail is actually a test of mothers. A little carelessly, they will be very careful and even touch all their sensitive emotions.

They all affect the security of Baoma.

In the time of full -time baby, instead of being unhappy to suppress, it is better to try it like this and let yourself slowly adjust it.

01 Know more friends

After being a mother, the circle of friends of the Baomao is basically limited to the home, or in the community. You can communicate less than those who can chat with each other, which is easy to suppress.

Therefore, mothers may wish to go out of the house and meet their neighbors, friends in the community, and let themselves have a breathable object.

02 Exercise more, pay attention to diet, ensure nutrition, and maintain regular work and rest habits

During the period of bringing a baby, it was also very stressful.

At this time, in the empty space of home or downstairs, the empty space of the house, etc., do exercise, do yoga, move to stretch your body and mind, waist, let your body exercise, and make your body active.Not only can you cheer your spirit, but you can also exercise a good figure and let your former good figure come back.

Thinking about it this way, I was very relieved.

03 Learning more, scientific parenting

You can take the time to read the book, or discuss research with other Baoma, and understand each other’s experience and parental knowledge together. This can give yourself a more understanding of the baby to raise the baby.Moms also feel the support and encouragement of other Baoma together to cheer together.

04 Aware of the importance of companionship, accompany the child

Moms also need to recognize one thing. It is really tired to bring the baby full -time, but at this time, mothers have to realize that it is also a very beautiful and worthwhile thing to accompany the child to grow. It is a great thing.The process of slow growth in life is really beautiful.

During the period of accompanying the child, cultivate the child full of security, let him wear the armor of love, and let him have the ability to love.Participate in the growth of the child every day to witness the change of the child every day.Record the beauty of his growth and capture his wonderful moments.By bringing children to cultivate themselves and grow with children.

I believe that I can bring out a very smart, cute, brave and strong child, and believe that the future of the child, because you have your company and elaborate, you will definitely have an independent personality and excellent quality in the future.

Learn with baby at 05, don’t forget to improve yourself

While bringing a baby, you must know that you will still go to the workplace in the future, understand your advantages, plan your future career direction, and prepare for this.During my pregnancy, many Baoma did not give up learning, research, reading, learning and charging, and did not stop the pace of promotion and growth.

Read more books, such as some workplaces, inspirational, operating husband and wife relationships, maintaining customer relationships, and social social social aspects, etc.

Learn some workplace skills, such as PPT/WORD/EXCEL/PS, etc., and there are some ways to speak, the etiquette of meeting, the ability to write, the ability to edit videos, etc.

If you can, you can also take some related certificates, accounting, law, calligraphy, painting, etc., learn and understand more.

These are what you can do during the period of bringing a baby. On the other hand, the time to bring your baby is not so boring. On the other hand, you are preparing for the return to the workplace.

06 Learn to communicate and communicate, operate a good husband and wife relationship

At any time, their lover is the person with the most close relationship with themselves.The birth, growth, and education of children are actually the responsibility of two people together.If you have any uncomfortable, you feel anxious and restless, you can actually talk to your lover.

Communicate with his lover, let him accompany and understand you, understand your difficulties and difficulties, operate your own marriage, and run a good husband and wife relationship.

Only in this way can we feel the fulfillment and peace of my heart, feel the attention of being loved, and be a mother who is more comfortable and calm, and feels practical, so it is not easy to be anxious and impatient.

It is not easy for Baoma to bring babies in full -time. Family people must understand and help, and lovers must know how to share and be considerate. Let Bao Ma regulate your body and mind step by step in a harmonious and loving family atmosphere, re -adjust your emotions, and bring your baby together.Together the child’s growth together.

As a mother, we must pay attention to self -regulation emotions. I believe that we can get out of the difficulties of anxiety and re -gain more self -confidence.

mutual encouragement.

Author: [Emotional Liuli], focusing on parenting growth and family education.

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