Bai Tou Weng said dreams | Dreaming about touching the sky

Dreaming of touching the sky

In ancient times, the Queen of Han and Emperor Deng once dreamed that she was on the ladder to touch the sky. It looked flat and wide that day, and it felt very cool and smooth.Ask the dream who interpreted the dream of dreams, and said, "Yao once dreamed of climbing up to the sky, and Tang once dreamed that he had met the sky and lick it.Geely has nothing to say. "I don’t know if the feudal dynasty will have such a dream now.

Dreaming of the moon enters

Sun Jian’s wife, Wu, dreamed of the moon in her arms during pregnancy, and then gave birth to Sun Ce.When Sun Quanhuai was in her belly, she dreamed that the sun entered her arms again.She told Sun Jian to Sun Jian, "I used to be pregnant with Sun Ce, and dreaming that the moon entered my arms; today I dreamed that the sun entered my arms again, why is this?" Sun Jian said, "Sun and the moon, the moon, the moon, the moon, the moon, the moon, the moon, the moon, the moon,It is the essence of yin and yang, which is an extremely expensive symbol. Our descendants are probably prosperous! "

Dream of sitting in the hall

Cai Mao in the Han Dynasty, Zi Zi Li, a native of Huai County, Hanoi County.At first he was in Guanghan County and dreamed that he was sitting on the main hall. There was Sanshou Valley on the backbone of the main hall. Cai Mao took it and got the spike in the middle, but immediately lost again.He told the dream of the main book Guo He and asked the dream of this dream. Guo He said: "The hall is the image of the government; there is a valley on the pordic spine, and the tallest among the courtiers.This is a symbol of Situ or Sikong in Zhongtai. From the perspective of the text, the ‘He’ ‘Lost’ is a ‘rank. Therefore, although it is’ losing’ and the ‘He’ ears, but in fact you have it.‘Nong’, this is the first to obtain the grade of Lulu. If the emperor ’s government affairs make mistakes, you must remedy it." One month later, Cai Mao was requisitioned.

Dreaming of entering an ant cave

Lu Fen in Xiayang County, the word Shiji, dreamed that he entered the ant cave and saw three halls in the hall. The shape was very high and open.Liu Wu, Cao Lingshi Liu Zhuo, was very ill. He dreamed of a person and gave it to him with a single clothes made by Bai Yuebu. He said to him, "You wear this single clothes and dirty.It’s clean. "Liu Zhuo woke up, and it really had a single clothes beside him.He was dirty and always washed it with fire.

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