Australian women are about to be born when they are pregnant. They have been pregnant and have a large amount of alcohol and fierce exercise. Fortunately, the son is healthy

According to foreign media reports on October 20, Caddy Mason, a 25 -year -old woman from Australia, had been drinking and conducting fierce exercise a few weeks before childbirth.After a few hours of news, the child was born.

▲ Caddy Mason became a mother unexpectedly

The mother -in -law from Melbourne did not notice any signs of pregnancy, such as pregnant belly or morning vomiting, and she came to leave every month.

Until one day, Mason felt that her stomach was uncomfortable to see the doctor. The doctor told her that she had actually been pregnant for 35 weeks and 5 days, and her belly had expanded by 10 cm.

In the early morning of the next day, Mason was taken directly to the hospital and gave birth to his son Flynn.

In the bed, Mason announced the good news through social media, and she told her friends and family that she was surprised as they were.

"So I have a major news, and I am looking forward to the birth of a child … It’s not a joke! I will always be here before new progress. I am very shocked, but many people around me support me." Marson wroteEssence

"This is my journey of life and my decision. I hope you can leave the problem and choose to leave yourself."

In the subsequent dynamic update, Mason shared photos with the baby Flynn.

According to Marson, his son Flynn was born at 5:18 pm, weighing 2.79 kg, very healthy.

▲ Caddy Mason and son Flynn

For Mason, pregnancy is the most distant thing in her mind. Before giving birth, she used to drink a lot of alcohol at the holiday and birthday celebration; after the New Year and Christmas, skating on the ice, or playing with water boards; and the whole entireDuring her pregnancy, she was playing tennis and playing crazy.

And these are things that a pregnant mother should never do.

After learning that he was pregnant, Mason had to completely change his lifestyle overnight.

Flynn’s father did not choose to take care of the newborn, but fortunately, Mason’s close friends and family gave her a strong backing.

▲ Caddy Mason had a lot of alcohol during pregnancy and conducting severe exercise

Earlier, another Australian mother, Irene Bondonshut, also gave birth to a child shortly after discovering that she was pregnant.Four years ago, 21 -year -old Irene went to see a doctor and wanted to implant contraceptive devices, but the doctor told her that she was pregnant.The next day, Irene gave birth while working and gave birth to his son Andrew.

Uan Wallace, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Monash, said that women do not know that they are pregnant with their children during pregnancy.

"It is important that when women say they don’t know, we can only believe them." Professor Wallace said that during pregnancy, women with strong abdominal muscles may not have obvious physical characteristics during pregnancy.

(Tan Xiaoting)

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