Australian beauty models have no response at 37 weeks of pregnancy!I thought it was a stomach pain, but she directly produced a woman in the toilet

According to foreign media reports, recently, an 22 -year -old model Erin Langard from Melbourne gave birth to a baby girl in the bathroom without knowing her pregnancy. Before that, she always thought she was a stomach pain.

In an interview with the Sunrise magazine, the parents of the two newborn explained the incident. They said that Irene had always felt a stomachache the day before giving birth to her daughter.Isla May.

The petite mother said that she did not realize that she was pregnant at all. During her 37 weeks of pregnancy, she did not realize that she was pregnant, did not get sick, her appetite was normal, and there was no abnormalities. HoweverThis little guy has been quietly existed in her belly.

She said that she was still injecting contraceptives at the time, which meant that she had no possibility of pregnancy.However, one day she felt pain in her abdomen and hugged her child the next day.All of this happened too suddenly.

"This is the biggest shock in my life," Irene said on the breakfast program."It is over about five to ten minutes."

Daniel said that when he heard that Irene screamed in the bathroom, she never thought that when he walked to the bathroom, she would see two people in front of him.

"I heard a scream, and then I ran into the door anxiously. I was worried about her, and then I saw the little girl. I thought I was wrong.personal!’."

On social accounts, the father told the process of the entire incident in detail, and the reaction of the parents and Irene in less than 10 minutes.

The father who loves his daughter said endlessly: "Irene, the courage you show surprised me. You are a great person, you will be a great mother."

When Daniel found her mother and baby, her baby Aira looked blue and had almost no breath. When he saw this scene, he was anxious and immediately called the emergency center.

On the way to the hospital, Irene reported to fans on social media, saying that this was "the most difficult week in our lives".

"Now, after a week of busy, our family has new members, and we look forward to the better in the future!"

The couple shared their surprises on social networking sites, and they like the cute daughter who is hard to come by.

Photos on social media show that before the child was born, the new mother obviously did not know the existence of her daughter Aila.

Irene wears clothes that I usually wear, put on a usual shape, and go out to play very well at night.Until the day before, she felt very good and had no abnormalities.

It is understood that this asymptomatic pregnancy is usually called hidden pregnancy.

That is, many factors will inhibit the typical symptoms of pregnancy. After the combination of essence, it will stop developing quickly in a short period of time. The early pregnancy test strip can detect the chorionic gonadotropin, but there is no performance in clinical practice.

The cause of hidden pregnancy is usually caused by the low quality of the fertilized eggs. The protective reactions occur after being identified by the body to the fittest.

Irene suddenly gave birth to her daughter without knowing it.

In any case, fortunately, the baby can be born safely. Let us bless this pair of new parents.

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