Auntie came after pregnancy?The doctor said: That’s not a good aunt!

The dysmenorrhea when I came to the aunt is like a child once!It makes people want to remove the uterus! It’s the end of the world!But when the aunt doesn’t come, we will worry about why haven’t you come yet?Is it endocrine disorders?I have to say that my aunt is a existence that makes us hate and love.Of course, after pregnancy, the aunt stopped naturally and didn’t worry about it.

However, the aunt of pregnancy came again, and at the same time, it was faint abdominal pain. What was going on?

Dr. Jiang tells you that the aunt after pregnancy is not a good aunt.Need to prevent it, it must be cured.

Why does abdominal pain occur in early pregnancy and vaginal bleeding?

There are several possible reasons:

1 Early abortion

The incidence of natural abortion in my country is about 10%to 15%, of which 80%occur in the early days.Most of them are related to abnormal embryo, mother disease, trauma, and reproductive tract malformations.Bleeding is caused by the peeling of the pregnancy from the palace wall, and abdominal pain is an abolished pregnancy tissue excreted during uterine contraction.The abortion pass is like this: first bleeding, then abdominal pain and then rotten meat -like tissue.

Abortion clinical process icon icon

A small amount of bleeding occurred 28 weeks before pregnancy, and the slight abdominal pain was not opened as a threatened abortion.Abdominal pain worsens the opening of the uterine mouth, or the fetal membrane rupture, and the pregnancy of pregnancy is called abortion at the cervical mouth.Some gestures are discharged as incomplete abortion.All discharge is called completely abortion.

In the threatened abortion period, most of the mild people have a better rest in bed; if more than 3 abortion occurred with luteal ketone tires, most patients with threatened abortion can be successfully entered in the middle of pregnancy.It is inevitable to have a miscarriage.

In fact, there is also a more abortion like aunt called biochemical pregnancy.Biochemical pregnancy is that you don’t know that you have miscarriage when you are pregnant.You can only find the clues of pregnancy from the test of HCG.This biochemical pregnancy accounts for about 50%of the total abortion.It can be seen that the aunt after pregnancy is not good.

In addition, there is a more outrageous miscarriage called Ji relics and also called expired abortion.That is to say, the fetus has died but stayed in the uterine cavity, and did not discharge naturally in time. It was polarized in the uterus, causing bleeding infections. In the end, it can only be cleared with surgery.

2 ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy)

Needless to say the harm of ectopic pregnancy.The lost eggs who lost their way to others’ homes and was driven by strongly, and the blood war was inevitable.This will not only affect the major bleeding of the maternal body, but also causes death of bleeding shock.

The most common place for ectopic pregnancy is the belly of the tubal pot, rare and dangerous in the cervix and ovarian.Other abortion in abortion in abortion is once again planted into abdominal organs (gastrointestinal, liver and spleen, etc.) into abdominal pregnancy.Although this situation is extremely rare, it will happen.Previously, the Guangxi Provincial People’s Hospital cured a pregnant woman with liver pregnancy. As the embryo grew up, the liver may break at any time and endanger life.

Therefore, the irregular vaginal bleeding occurred after the short -term discontinuation, the severe pain or bleeding time of the lower abdomen, and the possibility of the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.Due to the risk of death in the ectopic pregnancy, and the convenience and maturity of the ultrasonic diagnosis now, it is recommended that every pregnant mothers have a screening for ectopic pregnancy.

The idea of this mother is not desirable:

Q: Dr. Jiang, is it necessary to do the B -ultrasound of about eight weeks of pregnancy?Worried about B -ultrasound.Can I not do it without abdominal pain or bleeding?Even if the first tire is really lateral pregnancy and abdominal pain bleeding, right?

A: It is really not worth it

Extra -gynecological bleeding can really cause excessive blood loss and lose their lives.Light appears, and severe cases of blood loss appear.The more bleeding, the faster the symptoms.Therefore, expectant mothers must not go to an ectopic pregnancy examination with luck.

Ultrasonic binding to HCG’s horizontal diagnosis is not difficult to diagnose ectopic pregnancy.Some ectopic pregnancy can be used for conservative treatment, such as chemotherapy and local intervention therapy to be cured, and the other part of the need for emergency surgery.

Raising a chestnut: There was a patient who had an abdominal pain to be checked, mistakenly thought it was gastroenteritis. After a few days of internal medicine, he suddenly disappeared when he fell pale to the ground when he was discharged.Later, I found out that it was an ectopic pregnancy and immediately sent the operating room to rescue. Fortunately, he rescued a life.

3 Port

There is also a "big aunt" that is worthy of early pregnancy mothers.

What is a hydatidifier?search

The scientific name of Portuguese tires is called pregnancy nourishing leaf cell disease.In addition to this, there is also a nourishing lobe cell malignant tumor commonly known as evil Portuguese and velvet cancer.

Women who are pregnant with hydatidians are the same as women who are pregnant in the early stages of pregnancy, and there will be early pregnancy reactions.But it will be more severe and more severe than ordinary pregnant mothers, and even longer.With the increase of the pregnancy month, symptoms such as abdominal pain and irregular vaginal bleeding will begin.

After timely treatment, it can be cured, and it can continue to give birth after suffering from hydatiditic tires.

It can be seen that the aunt of pregnancy is not easy, and should be prevented!

4 cervical cancer

There is also a sin of a aunt during pregnancy is cervical cancer!

Li Yuanyuan, the film actor who once performed "Shanghai Morning", was older when she was pregnant.It is said that her vaginal bleeding had occurred many times during pregnancy, and she was considered "threatened abortion". Finally, she could not leave the world due to advanced cervical cancer in the year after giving birth.Although it is no available now, this incident is true, but cervical cancer can also cause a small amount of bleeding, whether it is pregnancy or not pregnancy.

Doctor’s suggestion

Now the policy of the second child is gradually liberalized. All mothers or expectant mothers planning to be pregnant have to do cervical cancer screening and B -ultrasound.If the aunt comes during pregnancy, don’t ignore her.

Source: Weibo@来 Dr. Jiang Peiru

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