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When the Shanghai epidemic came, the sealing control disrupted the rhythm of some pregnant women’s original pregnancy tests.How to do a checkup?How to solve the problem of medication?What should I do if an accident is unexpected?These medical problems have troubled every anxious pregnant woman.Online consultation helps patients make a choice between the hospitals under the epidemic.

Pregnant women have always been the group that has attracted much attention in the Shanghai epidemic.In order to solve the needs of patients, many three hospitals in Shanghai have opened up all -day Internet medical care. Min Yujia and Zhou Yuanyuan, including the Shanghai doctor Xiao Chengwen, who are aid in Xinjiang, joined the ranks of online consultation.

In most cases, doctors cannot rely on online consultation to completely solve the patient’s problems, but through meticulous communication, they can help judge the condition and give professional treatment suggestions.

On the evening of April 1, a pregnant woman was lifted off the ambulance at the emergency room of Shanghai International Peace Maternal and Child Health Hospital.Xinhua News Agency reporter Yuan Quan Quan

Min Yujia said that now on online consultation, I think more often, what I have played is a comforting effect.For example, some time ago, a pregnant woman’s nucleic acid test was positive, crying and crying, especially worried that it would affect the child.I sent her some research data abroad and told her that according to foreign reports, the majority of people were no problem.Unless you have any other problems with long -term fever or pregnancy checks during pregnancy, the impact of this disease on the fetus, as far as the current research results are viewed, the impact is not particularly large.

Zhou Yuanyuan mentioned that online consultation and facial consultation are different. You go to see a doctor, and the doctor may finish watching you for three or two minutes.However, platform consultation sometimes has to ask for a long time. Like I like to ask the patient’s situation clearly, I also have to ask her for the previous inspection report. Some patients do not understand and are anxious.

Therefore, I can understand the pregnant women who seek to consult this special period.During pregnancy, people are more sensitive.During the online consultation, I have a deep understanding of their anxiety, and I will try to give them a reasonable diagnosis to comfort them appropriately.Read the full text >>>

Do you remember Guo Mingyi?For decades, he has been dedicated to his post and selfless dedication. He has funded more than 300 poor students, and has donated more than 70,000 mm for free blood. He was awarded the title of "Contemporary Lei Feng".On the May Day of this year, the Beijing News interviewed "Good Man Guo Mingyi" and came together to listen to him about the people’s things to solve problems for the masses.

Get up at four o’clock in the morning and arrive at more than five o’clock in the morning. Starting a day of study.This habit, "Contemporary Lei Feng" Guo Mingyi insisted on for more than 20 years.

Love and dedication and dedication.Some people have roughly statistics that Guo Mingyi, who rarely rests on Sunday and holidays, has now been equivalent to more than six years of work.

"As long as I do n’t go out, I am in my post. Although I am very early in the morning, I started to sleep at 8 o’clock in the evening. My life is very regular. I do n’t go anywhere after work. I never go to entertainment and go out for dinner at night."Recently, Guo Mingyi said in an exclusive interview with the Beijing News.

Guo Mingyi is on the front line of the field (the interviewee confession)

Guo Mingyi said that in the process of development, a city will definitely encounter various problems. The key is how to solve it.The common people look at our party through urgency and expectation. This is the most intuitive feeling.The road travel is not smooth, the house is leaking, the property right certificate cannot be done, and the court cannot be executed … The people are basically a small problem that the people find me, but it is likely to be a big problem for them.These urgent worries are resolved, and the people will naturally have a sense of gain, happiness, and security. They will say that the Communist Party is good.

"I have a idea, to do things like Lei Feng. Lei Feng is a benchmark for us. He is a general warrior, but his love for the party and the people has penetrated into the bone marrow and blood. The spirit of Lei Feng is never outdated. In the new era, the new connotation of Lei Feng needs to be given to the spirit of Lei Feng, affecting more people. "Guo Mingyi said.Read the full text >>>

Beijing officially enables Xiaotangshan Fang Caval Hospital.At present, the prevention and control of the Beijing epidemic is in the most important moment. The epidemic is generally in the high platform period. The enrollment of the square cabin hospital can be described as "planning ahead and preventing problems."

Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reported that 55 cases of new native new crown pneumonia virus were added from 15:00 on April 30 to 15:00 on May 1st, including 51 confirmed cases and 4 asymptomatic infections;Twenty cases of Chaoyang District, 14 cases of Fangshan District, 8 cases of Tongzhou District, 5 cases of Shijingshan District, 3 cases of Haidian District, 2 cases of Daxing District, 1 case of Fengtai District, 1 Economic Development Zone, and 1 case of Shunyi District.52 cases were controllers, 1 case of community screening, 1 active testing, and 1 active consultation.

According to Pang Xinghuo, as of 24:00 on April 30, 2022, there were six cases of confirmed cases in the past 14 days in the two days of Guanghe Nangli, Shuangjing Street, Chaoyang District.After evaluation of the Municipal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to the "Standards for the Risk Risk Risk of Pneumonia in Beijing", the city will upgrade the two in the central risk area to high -risk areas from the mid -risk area to high -risk areas.

Li Ang, deputy director and press spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Health and Health Committee, said that in order to implement the "dynamic clearing zero" general policy and the "four morning" requirements, according to the deployment of the leading group of the city epidemic prevention and control work, the city will also beTwo rounds of nucleic acid screening will continue.Read the full text >>>

Takeaway rider, a person who may know the preferences of our diet most.When the epidemic outbreaks and everyone is isolated by home, the takeaway rider becomes the busiest person.Sending mineral water, takeaway, and vegetables, they contribute their own strength to preventing epidemic prevention in different ways.

"At the critical moment, it is nothing to be tired." During the May Day, Meituan takeaway rider Liu Li has been busy with residents and supermarkets in the Beijing Temporary Management Zone.Since signing up on April 25, he has been busy from morning to late at night every day.

Liu Li, a rider busy in the temporary management area.Interviewee confession

Fresh, rice, noodles, oil, and mineral water are the most commonly purchased materials for residents in the temporary management and control area. Liu Li, who has experienced the experience of many years, clearly feels that the burden on the shoulder is heavy."It is more than twice that of more than 90 orders every day, and he sometimes feels a little bit unbearable." Blood marks on the shoulders are all about lying on the bed after a busy day. "

However, he also said that he felt warm everywhere at work."Many customers will tell me ‘hard work’ on the phone, and residents send milk to make me care for my body." Read the full text >>>

The "Spring Festival Gala in the investment industry" came to an end!Because the epidemic was held online in the past two years, in 2022, the Berkshire’s shareholders’ meeting was held offline. The 92 -year -old "stock god" Buffett and 98 -year -old Munger appeared again.Talking about inflation, Bitcoin, investment in China, what you want to know about the Buffett shareholders’ meeting is here.

Buffett said that although Berkshire seemed to have slowed down in investment activities, the company spent more than $ 40 billion in three weeks since February 21.As of December 31, 2021, the company had $ 143.9 billion in cash and US Treasury bonds, and by March 31, 2022, it fell to $ 102.7 billion.

At the Berkshire Shareholders’ General Assembly, when asked about the topic of "how to seize the timing of investment", Buffett replied that we would not buy or sell because of the market or economy, because we did not put it on the actual situation.clear.In the 2008 financial crisis, everyone was panicked, and we did not seize the opportunity of investment at that time; we also missed the opportunity to fall in the stock market in March 2020.Therefore, we are not very good at grasping the opportunity of investment. We just buy when the price of investment objects is cheap.

At the Berkshire Shareholders’ Conference, Munger said that he invested in China because he could buy better companies at a lower price in China.

When asked "Which stock you should buy under super inflation", Buffett responded at the Berkshire’s shareholders’ meeting that this time is more important to be your personal ability.The best investment is to develop yourself.Read the full text >>>

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