At 22 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus weight is the most standard, and the fetal and pregnant mothers are magical changes.

Guide: How many grams of fetal weight is the fetus in 22 weeks of pregnancy?What is the fetal development?What are the changes in pregnant mothers?

A pregnant mother asked, "How many grams of the fetus is the fetus in 22 weeks of pregnancy?" In 22 weeks of pregnancy, the weight of the fetus can be calculated based on the data of the double diameter, femoral long, and abdomen.However, each fetus is still slightly different, and it must be calculated according to its own test results.

Double-top diameter: standard value of 5.45 cm, range of 4.88-6.02 cm

Hemplane length: standard value 3.82 cm, range of 3.35-4.29 cm

Abdominal circumference: standard value 18.73 cm, range of 14.47-18.93 cm

The auction of double -top diameter, femoral long, and abdominal circumference is replaced with the fetal weight calculator to get the weight of the fetus.

The standard weight of the fetus is: 1.15 catties (575g)

The weight of the fetus is: 0.67 catties (335g) -1.39 catties (695g)

This is just a standard weight. The weight of the fetus is very ideal in this range. Don’t be too nervous if it deviates slightly.

When measuring the fetal development indicators, there will be some deviations due to the effects of instruments, testing personnel, and fetal posture.There will be individual differences in each fetus, and the nutrition of inheritance and conception will affect the size of the fetus.Consider your own actual situation and comprehensively judge.

The fetus in 1 and 22 weeks has a strong bone, and the basic structure of the body is close to the completion, becoming relatively well -proportioned.The fetus’s eyes are completely formed and the lips are clearly recognizable.You can do the four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound for structural deformity.

2. The subcutaneous fat of the fetus is still thin, so the whole looks red and wrinkled.

3. The permanent teeth embryo of the fetus also gradually develop, and the tip of the gums already has the tip of the tooth.

4. The reproductive system is gradually developing, and gender has been clearly identified.

5. The internal organs are still continuing to improve, and the heartbeat is very powerful.

6. The fetus has begun to do breathing exercise.

7. The fetal fetal movement is very active, the number of fetal movements increases, and all pregnant mothers can feel the wonderful fetal movement.

8. The fetal hearing is very powerful. When you hear a huge sound, the fetus will restless.

1. Passing and shortness of breath

After 22 weeks, the fetus increased, and the uterus began to move up. The pregnant mother would feel panic and breath, and couldn’t breathe, always thinking that there was something wrong with her heart.In fact, this is normal because the uterus compresses the lungs and hearts. Don’t be too nervous.Pay attention to rest, breathe more fresh air to alleviate the symptoms of discomfort.

2. Will be lacking iron

The rapid development of the fetus requires a lot of iron to support physical development.The blood flow of pregnant mothers is also increasing, so there is more demand for iron.Most of the pregnant mothers will have the symptoms of iron deficiency. If you feel headache and dizziness, you must pay attention to going to the hospital for routine blood tests to see if it is iron deficiency, timely iron supplementation, reducing the symptoms of discomfort, and ensuring the healthy development of the fetus.

3. Good appetite

At 22 weeks, pregnant mothers have no early pregnancy reaction, and appetite will be better.Be careful not to overeating, causing huge children.Don’t eat partially, nutritional imbalances lead to low weight.It is still necessary to balance nutrition, and the meat milk eggs are rational intake to ensure sufficient nutrition.

In short, at 22 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus weighs about 335G-695g. The basic structure of the fetus is close to the completion, and you can prepare a four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound.Pregnant mothers pay attention to these three important changes, and fetus will thrive.The new second child Bao Ma, senior childcare teacher, personalized training instructor, Qingyun plan winner, was invited by multiple platforms.Share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, follow me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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