As soon as you drink urine, it is not good for kidney health and kidney?Protect the health of the urinary tract, do 5 points well

After drinking water, you will go to the toilet. The more you drink water, the more you go to the toilet. We all know the truth.However, some people also went to the toilet frequently when they drank a little water. Some people even joked that after drinking a glass of urine, what was the cause of this phenomenon?Is it a kidney problem?

After drinking water, the number of urination and urination will be increased. After ordinary adults drink water, it will become urine for about 6-15 minutes, but because everyone’s physical condition is different, the time when the water becomes urine after entering the human body does not become urine.As the same, some people may take more than half an hour to complete the cycle.

When you drink water, you have urine, which is mostly related to the smaller bladder of your personal.Everyone has a bladder, but everyone’s bladder size is different. The large amount of urine with large blades, and the amount of urine in small blades is small. It is reflected in daily life.This does not mean that the kidney is wrong.In addition, there are many reasons for urine, in addition to the large amount of water, there are several reasons.

1. Diet.In addition to drinking water, daily diet also directly affects urination. For example, when eating, soup foods are eaten more, or food intake with large moisture content such as watermelon and melon will increase the number of urination times.Of course, although some people drink less water, drinks and juice intakes are large, and the number of urination will also increase.

2. Environment.The external environment will also have a certain impact on the urination of the human body. For example, the cold weather will increase urination. The sound of rain when it rains will also stimulate the senses and cause an impulse to urinate.

3. Drugs.Drugs also affect urination. Some drugs that treat hypertension and diabetes contain profits urine. It is very easy to cause increased urination times. Pay attention to daily replenishment of moisture.

Of course, the above are normal physiological hypertrophy.In addition, some pathological factors also cause increased urination and attract attention.

Different from biochemical urine, pathological urine is generally accompanied by other discomfort symptoms at the same time.Take the most common diabetic patients, we all know that the most obvious symptoms of diabetic patients are "three more and one less", which includes the phenomenon of urine more.In addition, diaper and burst are also a common disease with increased urination. The specific manifestation is a large urination volume and a large number of times. At the same time, it is necessary to drink a lot of water with thirst.

Of course, inflammation of the kidneys and urinary systems can also cause abnormal urination, such as cyst inflammation, brain path infection and other diseases.Some men’s prostate problems will increase the number of urination times.

In addition, mental factors can also cause frequent urination. For example, some people can speak and bid in front of everyone, which may occur frequently in the toilet. However, this situation can be improved after the environmental changes.

From the introduction above, we understand that we cannot simply determine whether the kidney is good or bad from the amount of urine.However, the color and taste of urine can provide a basis for us to determine whether the kidney is healthy.The urine of normal adults is tasteless, colorless, transparent, and no sediment. If the following abnormalities occur, beware of the heart and kidney problems.

1. Foam urine, proteinuria

Bubble urine and proteinuria are common urine abnormal phenomena, especially proteinuria, which mostly occur on patients with nephrotic disease, hereditary nephropathy, and glomeruli.Essence

2. Hem urinary

Hematuria mostly appear on patients with kidney cancer, bladder cancer, etc., especially those with no obvious symptoms, and even the pain cannot be felt at all, and they must be paid attention to and prevent delaying treatment.

3. White, milky white urine

Milk white urine includes abnormal urine state such as purulent urine and chyluria. These occur on patients with urethritis, renal cysts, and renal tuberculosis.

4, tan urine

Tan -brown urine mostly appears in the early morning. Generally, the morning urine of patients with acute nephritis and hemoglobinuria will appear brown. Once this is found, seek medical treatment in time.

Urine is closely related to the health of the kidneys. If you want to protect the kidney and the health of the urinary system, you must do the following 5 points in your daily life.

1. Drink more water and do not urinate.Drinking water can reduce the risk of kidney stones and urinary tract infections while reducing the filtration pressure of the kidneys. Frequent urination can cause bacteria in the urine to leave the body for a long time, which can easily induce inflammation in the kidneys, prostate, bladder and other parts.Female friends may also compress the uterus for a long time, causing the uterus to tilt and affect conception.

2. Pay attention to diet.Diet will affect kidney health. Using high protein and high -purine foods often increases kidney burden. It is necessary to reduce the intake of oil and salt sugar in daily life. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, quit smoking and alcohol, and protect the health of the urinary system.

3. Pay attention to keep your feet warm.The kidney originated from the feet, and the feet are associated with many acupuncture points of the human body. Once the cold is cold, it will affect the whole body.Persist in soaking your feet with hot water or often massaging your foot acupoints before going to bed for a long time, which can achieve the effect of health.

4. The wrong living habits will also cause compression of the kidneys, especially those who have been sitting for a long time and lack of exercise. The health risk of the urinary system is very high.We must pay attention to strengthening exercise everyday to keep yourself healthy from head to toe.

5. Don’t abuse drugs.After entering the human body, the drug will eventually rely on the kidney metabolism to discharge the body. You must pay attention to the medicine in your daily life, and avoid blind medication to damage the kidneys.

In addition, many people now pay attention to health and check on time.It should be noted that the urination must be checked during physical examination. Although many kidney diseases do not have obvious symptoms in the early days, the signs that can be found in time to detect kidney disease through urine examinations are very important for protecting their own health.

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“Drinking more urine is the kidney is not good?”

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