As soon as I got married and pregnant, my sister -in -law cursed me.

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We often say that a person’s emotional quotient is low, we can’t speak, and always hurt people.

This depends on the situation. Some people are really straightforward, their mouths are faster than their brains, and they are not malicious, but people are kind. If you have been with him for a long time, you will find that there is no city.

Some people are real low emotional quotients. They speak through their brains. They thought about it in their heads for a while before they said it, just to hurt you, disgusting you, so say so.This kind of person is not worthy of deepening, not worthy of being a friend.

At the beginning, you would think that what he said was inadvertent, but as he got along for a long time, you would find that every time he seemed to be inadvertent, he was attentive.

Girlfriend Wang Wei once talked to me, saying that her sister -in -law was too difficult to get along with. She had been related to her before, and she thought of her a little.Essence

When Wang Wei was young, the family conditions were not very good. In order to support the family, her parents were greedy for the early days. She was very sensible since she was a child.As a result, I studied very hard, and later I was admitted to college and came out to find a decent job.

A native family of a person seems to be a person’s fate.

Even if Wang Wei worked hard, he couldn’t get rid of the family’s poverty. If a family wanted to get rich, relying on a person’s efforts alone, he had to work together to work together.

However, Wang Wei’s brother has no consciousness. From a young age, he is not a matter of reading at all. When he goes to junior high school, he does not want to go to school anymore.eccentric.

When he was young, Wang Wei and his brother’s feelings were okay. My brother came out of the society early and could make a few money. When the sister went to college, the brother could also help the pocket money sister.

Wang Wei remembers this brother and sister.

After the brother got married, Wang Wei had already come out to work. After making money, he bought clothes, shoes, socks, toys, and even sent a birthday gift in the company. Wang Wei was reluctant to use it and gave it to his nephew.

For the sister -in -law, it is like a sister, buy clothes, buy doubles, and bring one to the sister -in -law.One time I bought down jackets, the shop was engaged in activities, and I bought one free. Wang Wei paid two pieces and gave one to the sister -in -law without saying a word.

The skin care products they use, the sister -in -law used it, and Wang Wei didn’t say anything. The sister -in -law liked it to give her.

In short, Wang Wei didn’t have so many hearts to Xunzi at all. He only felt that since he was a family, he should help each other. From my former brother to me, now I am good to the sister -in -law and should be rewarded.

But such a harmonious relationship was broken before long.I have to start with Wang Wei’s marriage.

Wang Wei was very focused when she was in school. She did not fall in love. When she came out, she would rather have no abuse. She knows what she wants. She knows what she wants.

Because of Wang Wei’s firm personality and excellent ability, he met his later husband Li Long, and the two were in love.

Li Long opened a small company, with a small achievement. In his early years, he was also a poor child. He tried to fight with one step at a time.

Two people can be regarded as similar fate, so they will cherish each other, and they will have a common topic.

But in the eyes of outsiders, Li Long is only good luck, so he will be successful at the age of 30.

After Wang Wei and Li Long got married, the sister -in -law began to make a demon, and there was a strong vinegar flavor outside the words.At the beginning, Wang Wei didn’t find it, thinking that the sister -in -law was just a joke.

It wasn’t until she was pregnant that she suddenly realized that her sister -in -law had obvious malice and jealousy.

When I was chatting, my relative asked Wang Wei to take a confinement to ask who to take care of. Wang Wei said that her mother -in -law would come to help.

The relatives said, "You are happy when your mother -in -law comes, you don’t need to do anything."

Wang Wei didn’t think there was anything wrong with the words of relatives at the time, but it was just a way to talk about it. Who would do housework by confinement?

But I didn’t expect, but the sister -in -law said sourly: "You are good, you don’t have to do anything, marry a rich person, and have a good mother -in -law, you have to do anything like me."

Wang Wei didn’t speak, but he did not expect that the sister -in -law would say that, as if he was wronged in his mother -in -law’s house.

Then, my relatives asked, how did you know Li Long.

Wang Wei was relatively simple at that time, and the gossip of others answered honestly.It is said that when you are shopping with your friends, you meet by accident, probably the fate.

The relatives said, "Then you are lucky, and you will marry yourself so soon."

The sister -in -law went on again: "What about that. The rich people can’t help it. It may be divorced after two years. At that time, the child will have no dad, and you have no husband anymore."

In this case, it completely hurt Wang Wei’s heart. In addition, during pregnancy, people were easily sensitive. When they heard their pro -sister -in -law, not only did they not bless themselves, they cursed themselves to divorce.

How much hatred is this.

This is not like it at all, as if I was brewing in my heart for a long time, it would be sour to find the opportunity.

After the Xunzi stabbed people’s heart, Wang Wei deliberately paid attention to the every move of Xunzi, and found that she was always hurting herself behind herself.Now that the son is not able to speak, the daughter is married to the rich, and she is blessed, but she suffers.

This is ridiculous. No one forced her to marry. She was still unmarried before she was married. How could she blame her aunt?

Either said that Wang Wei had only worked for a few years, and married without contributing to his family. It was a white -eyed wolf and lost money.Those who do not know the truth really thought she was true, and thought that Wang Wei was such a filial daughter, and her reputation smelled.

But is this really the case?

Not.In the first year of work, Wang Wei was diligent and frugal. He paid his salary every month. He had to pay for water and electricity, but also supported himself. Even clothes were reluctant to buy expensive.Save money and give parents 5,000 yuan. This amount is not small for fresh graduates who just graduated.

In the second year, Wang Wei’s salary rose, buying this for his parents, and returning money to the New Year.Not to mention her parents, at Guangxunzi, she gave her a set of masks and bought new clothes and shoes for her nephew. Isn’t it paid?

The sister -in -law did not read the goodness of others, and deliberately hurt the aunt. Is there no emotional aunt and wouldn’t he resist?

If someone else hurts you for the first time, you endure it, it is because he cares about this family; if someone else hurts you for the second time, you still endure it, that is because you have a good temper; if someone else hurts you for the third time,You still endure, that means that you are cowardly.The incompetent kindness is cowardly.

Since then, the relationship between Wang Wei and Xunzi is completely rigid, stopped everything, and no longer buy this to buy this. For the nephew, I will buy it, and I don’t care.

The emotional maintenance between people depends on sincere and sincere people, don’t continue to waste time.

It’s not good to say, you feed a bun for the puppy, and it will also shake his tail and thank you for you.People who are not kind, but never know how to be grateful.

Just stop your goodwill for people who don’t understand gratitude.

People like Wang Wei’s sister -in -law are not really low emotional quotients, but have long -ago, and have long been unhappy.

"The most sinister thing in the world is the human heart. The evil of the beasts, the evil is survival, the evil of the human heart, and the evil is greedy.

For those who are greedy for you and to be malicious to you, stay away from him.


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