Are you still bothering for the ovulation period?This strategy is over quickly!

Although everyone knows that only in the same room during ovulation can increase the probability of pregnancy, not everyone can know their ovulation time, especially those female friends with irregular menstruation, it is even more difficult to find the ovulation period.EssenceSo, how can you find your own ovulation period? Today, this strategy is given to everyone, I hope to help you who can prepare for pregnancy.

The eggs after the ovarian can survive 1-2 days in the fallopian tube to wait for fertilization. Men’s sperm can maintain 2-3 fertilization capacity in the women’s reproductive tract. Therefore, a few days before and after the eggs are discharged, the same room is more likely to conceive.

1. Menstruation Women can be calculated through the menstrual cycle

Generally, women’s ovulation cycle is about 28 days. If the menstrual rules, the ovulation period will be about 14 days before the next menstrual tide, and the conception rate is relatively high within 2-3 days before the ovulation period.During the time period, the number of times the same room is appropriately increased.And if the menstrual cycle is irregular, this method is not applicable.

2. The irregular method of menstruation is as follows:

① Ovulation symptoms and ovulation

For female friends with menstrual disorders, menstruation calculations are definitely not reliable, so we can judge through some performance of ovulation. Generally, ovulation pain, increased secretions, breast pain, ovulation and bleeding, increased sexual desire during ovulation, etc.If not, it means that there is no ovulation.

② Ovulation test paper test ovulation

This is widely used and easy to operate.In the middle of the two menstruation, the ovulation period is determined through the response of the ovulation test strip.Of course, this method also has disadvantages, that is, the test strip is determined by detecting hormones in the urine to determine ovulation, but we cannot see how large the eggs can grow to grow, and it is not precise to determine when ovulation.

③ Basic body temperature measurement method

Under normal circumstances, the basic body temperature is accompanied by periodic changes in the menstrual cycle.During the follicle period, the lowest body temperature of the ovulation day is the process of the basic body temperature rising or from low to high.After ovulation, the rise of the basal body temperature indicates that ovulation has occurred.

It can be known by the daily measurement that the increase in base temperature is generally 0.3-0.5 ° C.Persist in testing for a while, helping sisters who can prepare for pregnancy to understand the laws of basic body temperature and find ovulation day.

④B ultra -ovulation monitoring

At present, B -ultrasound ovulation monitoring is a more accurate and intuitive way of monitoring ovulation. It can be clearly known that the number, size, and maturity of the follicles in the ovaries in the ovary can be clearly known.

Preparation women should not stay up late. They should exercise properly and enhance their physical resistance. At the beginning of 3 months of pregnancy, 0.4-1.0 mg of folic acid must be supplemented daily, so that the folic acid in the body will gradually accumulate a certain amount.

In addition, female friends can eat more green vegetables and orange fruits to supplement vitamin C; in addition, it is also important to supplement protein. Milk, soybeans, eggs, lean meat, and fish are rich in protein in food.

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