December 2 (American time) Annie Hathaway

Annie-Hathaway’s civilians in the streets. According to foreign media reports, 32-year-old actress Anne Hathaway has confirmed pregnancy!This will also be the first child that Hathaway and her 34-year-old producer Adam-Schurman ushered in after the marriage in 2012.

November 30 (American time) Adam-Schurman, Annie Hathaway

A person familiar with the matter revealed that Heatvi is pregnant at least four months, and she is about to be a mother now. She feels great now!As a husband, Adam-Schurman also played with Annie Hathaway everywhere.

November 28 (American time) Adam-Schurman, Annie Hathaway

You can often see the sweet scene where the two are pulling their small hands out of the street.Occasionally Annie Hathaway also goes out of the street alone!

November 28 (American time) Annie Hathawei bizaries out of the street

Since October, Annie Hathaway has rarely appeared in public. Occasionally, she was also shot by her husband to show love with sweetness.Although Annie Hathaway was a lot bigger after pregnancy, her figure was still not affected too much.

November 8th (American time) Annie Hathawei lived on the street

Annie Hathaway’s last appearance at the end of September was the end of September to promote his new movie "Intern".

September 28 (US time) Annie Hathaway attended the premiere of "Intern" in London

On the same day, Anne Hathawei was wearing Jonathan Simkhai 2016 spring and summer series dresses. She added a layer of black lining inside, which was extremely conservative.At that time, Hathaway’s lower abdomen had been slightly bulging, but he was still dedicated to step on the "stillet" to walk the red carpet.

Annie Hathawi wore Jonathan Simkhai

In order to promote the new movie "Intern", Annie Hayesway, who had been pregnant for about 2 months, ran around every day, but the appearance of the glory was still beautiful.

September 23 (US time) Anne Hathawei is wearing Saint Laurent, Annie Hathaway, wearing Equipment & Osman

This Hemo skirt with Valentino has a exotic flavor. Annie Hathaway chose a modern sense of perceptual tulle, which is very neutralizing the visual effect of too ethnic style.

September 23 (American time) Annie Hathawe is in Valentino

Where does Annie Hathaway go, her husband is basically accompanying.

September 22 (American time) Anne Hathaway, Adam-Schurman attended the premiere of New York in New York

This Rodarte dress was designed in the leather band in the lower abdomen, so wearing Annie Hathaway, who was pregnant at the time, was a bit bloated, but the high-cold temperament still made Hatshvy dazzling!(By the way, Hathawei’s height is 173. Wearing this skirt is so much longer than the model, how tall the model is?)

Annie Hathaway is wearing Rodarte

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