An infectious disease that is comparable to AIDS will also develop into liver cancer!How is it contagious?

Regarding liver disease, many people only know that hepatitis B and do not understand hepatitis C. In fact, hepatitis C is also a terrible existence. Not only is it highly contagious, but also the main cause of liver cancer.

Statistics in 2015 show that hepatitis C is widespread worldwide, and about 3%of the world’s population has hepatitis C virus infection (about 185 million), while my country’s HCV epidemic rate is about 1.0%, about 10 million to 13 million infections By.

Hepatitis C virus, referred to as hepatitis C and hepatitis C, is caused by hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. It is a set of systemic infectious diseases mainly based on liver damage.There are several main ways to propagate.

1. Blood communication

Including the transmission caused by blood loss and blood products, and because of factors such as the existence of hepatitis C antibody detection, the impact of the existence of the window period, which cannot completely screen the HCV -positive, a large number of blood transfusions may still be infected with HCV.

2. Transplantation through damaged skin and mucosa

This is currently the most important way of communication, such as non -disposable syringes and needles, dental devices, endoscopy, invasive operations and acupuncture without strict disinfection.

3. Sexual communication and mother and baby communication

Like hepatitis B, AIDS, and sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis C can also spread through sexual life.In addition, pregnant women infected with hepatitis C virus may also spread to fetuses or newborn.

However, hepatitis C is not contagious and generally does not spread through saliva.When kissing, hugging, sneezing, using public tableware and water cups, as long as there is no skin damage and other contact -free exposure contacts, HCV is generally not spread.Therefore, during the conversation with hepatitis C patients, if there is no skin and mucous membrane damage, it will generally not be infected.

But do you know that hepatitis C is the best at "camouflage", and most of the patients have no obvious symptoms.

According to a public survey conducted by the China Hepatitis Prevention and Control Foundation in recent years, only 38%of people have heard that hepatitis C is far lower than the awareness of hepatitis A (91%) and hepatitis B (95%).

The incubation period of hepatitis C is 2 weeks to 6 months. Most symptoms of acute infection are not obvious and are prone to chronic. Therefore, patients often do not notice it.Because of this, many patients also drag their hepatitis C into liver cirrhosis and liver cancer!

Mr. He, 50, lives in Shapingba District, Chongqing.Due to his work entertainment, he started in his 20s and spent almost every night. He had to drink at least half a catty of liquor in a day, let alone other types of wine.

Ten years ago, due to a cholecystectomy, he found that he had hepatitis C.But at that time, Mr. He felt strong and had no discomfort in his body, so he didn’t care.

After 10 years of eyes, Mr. He recently felt abdominal pain, and sometimes nausea and vomiting. When he checked, he found that he had advanced liver cancer!It turned out that Mr. He himself suffered from chronic hepatitis C. Under the long -term stimulation of hepatitis virus, it would activate cancer genes and cause normal hepatitis tissue cancer.In addition, Mr. He is usually busy with work. Long -term drinking and irregular diet have led to metabolic imbalance and decline in immunity.Under the common effect of internal and external causes, the probability of cancer is greatly increased.

Generally speaking, patients with liver cancer must go through the process of "hepatitis -chronic hepatitis -cirrhosis -liver cancer".Because of the difficulty of prevention of hepatitis C and hidden symptoms, people often ignore the harm of hepatitis C, resulting in infection with hepatitis C than infection with hepatitis B to develop liver cancer.

After hepatitis C succeeds hepatitis B virus, it became another scourge that caused liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Hepatitis C is a disease that can be cured clinically. About 70%-80%of patients with hepatitis C can be cured through standardized treatment.

At present, there are two internationally treatment of hepatitis C: one is the PR solution, namely polyethylene glycol interferon+Libavirin, which is used enough dose for 1 year, and hepatitis C cure rate can reach 70 % or 80 %.The other is the DAAS scheme, which directly takes antiviral drugs. The commonly selected drugs in clinical clinicals include Sofefabvir, Daka Weil, etc.The former has a long treatment cycle and the side effects are slowly replaced by the second scheme. The DAAS scheme can generally be cured for 12 weeks, and there are few side effects.

It should be noted that after cure, it is also best to go to the hospital to do the examination of liver color Doppler ultrasound, liver function, and serum nail protein every six months.

Prevention of hepatitis C needs to rely on the screening, treatment and self -control of patients.At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to controlling the source of infection in daily life, and it is necessary to cut off the transmission path.For patients with hepatitis C, timely and effective treatment should be given, and disinfection of tableware, bathing and other utensils should be strengthened. The blood with blood and body fluid pollutants must be strictly disinfected.

Because hepatitis C is not yet vaccine, it is necessary to protect the susceptible population in time and take preventive measures.Patients should not be negatively responded after infection. They must actively go to the hospital for treatment and take reasonable and effective treatment measures.At the same time, in daily life, do not invest in patients with hepatitis C to discriminate against patients, give patients proper care and understanding, but also help the hepatitis C cure and prevention.””” “” 39 Health Super Energy Group”

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