American couples want to have a daughter through fertilized in vitro, but they are implanted by medical institutions in men’s fetuses

In other words, some same -sex couples abroad will have their own children through fertilization in vitro.

For example, the assistant dean of the New York University New Student Excessive Department, Heather, and her wife, Robbie, are such couples.

(The left is Hine, and the right is Robby)

In 2002, Hesper and Robbie were still college students. They were asked to play a couple in a section of internship.In the class, they held hands, until the hands of the two people still did not let go.

Later, the two fell in love, broke up, and came together again. After experiencing a twists and turns, the two finally got married in 2012.

After getting married, the partner decided to have two daughters.

They hope that through the in vitro fertilization, they will give birth to Robby’s children, and then Robbie gives birth to Herse’s children.

In order to take care of pregnant women, the two of them decided to get Robby to get pregnant first, and after she gave birth, she was pregnant.

But unfortunately, at 8-10 weeks of pregnancy, the birth check found that the fetus did not grow normally, and Robbie was aborted …

Seeing that Robby was frustrated after abortion, Herm felt that she had to do something, so she immediately implanted Robby’s fertilized eggs, hoping to give her a special gift.

Fortunately, Hine was pregnant successfully, and both of them were very excited and finally welcomed their daughter!

At the 15th week of Hine, they were checked to see if there was some problems in the development of the fetus.

During the examination, the doctor suddenly asked the partner: "Wait, do you know the gender of the child?"

Herm said firmly: "We have a girl, and having a girl is very important to us."

But doctors corrected them that they were actually a boy in Herd’s stomach …

Hine collapsed.

In fact, Hedin wants to have a girl because they prefer, but because of fear.

After graduating from college, Hiner had a single period. During this time, two different male acquaintances sexually assaulted her.

As a victim of sexual assault, Hiner was afraid and hated men, so when they decided to have children, they immediately excluded the boy’s options.

It is precisely because they are allowed to help them screen the gender of fertilized eggs before they accept the in vitro fertilization medical institutions that they decide to accept the service of the institution.

But now, after learning that he is a boy in his body, Herry collapsed,

She watched Robby and asked: "Is this child not yours? Who is my child?!"

In fact, at this time, Hiner had a trace of expectations. She felt that she might have made a mistake when the medical institution had operated, which made her accidentally pregnant with other people’s children.

Although this made her live in an outsider in her belly, they thought that their daughters were still waiting for them.

Hepa and Robbie discussed that this may be someone else’s children and must return him to real parents.

So the two of them rejected the abortion service provided by the medical institution, decided to give birth to the child, and then found the parents who were pregnant with their daughter, and replaced the child back.

Two people found medical institutions for investigation.

After 7 weeks, the institution sent them to the results of the investigation -the embryo was not wrong. It was wrong when the hospital was screened. This is their children …

The two of them always wanted a girl. As a result, in the first birth, the second one became a boy, and they lost their two daughters in a row.

And this boy entered her body against Herd’s wishes, and Herm felt that this was no different from rape …

During the whole pregnancy, Herd had no way to be happy for her baby, but at the same time, her family and friends were happy for her …

Herm felt that no one understood her complicated feelings. She had a healthy baby she didn’t want, which made her feel very lonely and painful.She had a terrible idea of countless times, but for her own loved ones, she persisted.

By 27 weeks of pregnancy, Hiner suddenly started to bleed.After being sent to the emergency room, the doctor discovered that Hiner had symptoms of early peeling of the placenta. This symptom generally appeared in pregnant women with trauma or excessive mental stress. This was the case.

Hine was arranged to rest in bed, but she was lying on the bed, but she just wanted to let her children leave her body quickly, whether she was life and death …

It sounds ruthless, but this is the true thoughts of Hiner.

By December 2020, the baby was finally born, because of premature birth, he was sent to NICU.

Herm and Robby go to see their children every day. Herd also wanted to try to feed her children, but she found that she really couldn’t do it.She couldn’t accept a man touching her chest, so she had to wear a protective device to feed her baby without contact with her baby.

Hine began to feel extremely anxious. Every time she looked at the baby, the baby’s face slowly twisted into the face of those adult men who had hurt her, scaring Herd to give the child to Robbie.During that time, Hiner suffered from postpartum depression. She lived very badly every day. In the most serious time, she even planned to commit suicide lightly …

Until now, the child is one and a half years old, and Hine has slowly accepted this reality.

She found that her baby was actually a cute child. She had the same dimples as Robbie. The same smile seemed to be magical. She made her laugh at her with a strange tone and laughter every time.

Herm thinks that the child is also very similar to himself. They are all sympathetic, like trees, like dogs …

Herm also slowly woke up, and she should not always play the victims. This baby should not be responsible for her experience. The baby is innocent.

Now, Hine can finally hold his child intimately, saying that he loves him very much.It’s not because Hineg had forgotten the harm that the man gave her, but because her son deserves her love …

Of course, Herd’s love for her son does not mean that medical institutions can be forgiven.

Now that the partner has filed a prosecution on the medical institution, the court is under trial, and it is believed that the medical institution will pay the price for their mistakes.

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