Although Ejiao is good, but you are suitable for it?These 6 cases cannot be eaten

Every winter, the sales of Ejiao in major hospitals and pharmacies have risen straight to old women in their sixties, and little girls in their early twenties. They all know that Ejiao is a good thing.But is it really suitable for everyone?

Ejiao is called "Holy Medicine" in "Compendium of Materia Medica", and is called "three treasures of Chinese medicine" with ginseng and velvet antler.Ejiao was originally boiled in cowhide. It was passed on to the Tang Dynasty. It was found that Ejiao made with donkey skin was better, so it changed the cowhide to donkey skin and used to this day.

Ejiao has a sweet flavor, belongs to the lungs, liver, and kidney meridians.It has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, moisturizing and hemostasis, and tires.Those with poor constitution can enhance their resistance, make their complexion rosy, and have a hundred times more spiritual; those who do not take a long time can also effectively improve their resistance, and can also improve sleep quality and improve memory; proper edible Ejiao can whiten the skin, improve the skin, improve the skin, improve the skin, improve the skin, improveSkin vitality.

There are two types of Ejiao, one is the new Ejiao, which is Ejiao within a year or two. Most of the sold on the market are such categories.

Another is Chen Ejiao, which is the Ejiao that is placed for a period of time.

It is worth noting that the new Ejiao is hot and warm, and a large amount of consumption may be on fire. There is a manifestation of high fire, such as the nasal cavity, lips and other parts, or dry eyes, redness, increased eyes, and even dry throats.Pain and symptoms such as constipation or stool with blood.However, the temperature of the new Ejiao will be halved with the temperature of 3 to 5 years, and it will become flat after 10 years.Most people can take it with confidence.

1. When suffering from diseases such as colds, cough, diarrhea, or menstruation, Ejiao should be discontinued.

2. Abortion or postpartum, wait for the lochia to clean.

3. Those who are physique in yin deficiency and yang need to reduce the amount as appropriate to prevent fire.

4. Ejiao is a nourishing product. It is not advisable to eat every day or eat for a long time, especially those with insufficient spleen and stomach function. It is best to use the medicine to regulate the spleen and stomach. This can promote the digestion and absorption of Ejiao, and the effect is doubled.Those with stagnation and stagnation of indigestion and bleeding should not be taken.

5. People with hypertension with arteriosclerosis should be cautious.Ejiao can slow down blood flow, and the blood lipid particles are deposited on the blood vessel wall and aggravated arteriosclerosis.

6. You also need to avoid it when taking Ejiao. Do not eat radish or garlic within 2 hours before and after taking it. Otherwise, it will reduce the effect of Ejiao, and it is not advisable to drink strong tea.

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