Allergic conjunctivitis, what should I do if the eyes are rubbed more and more itchy?One trick makes you easy to stop itching, you might as well see

Everyone may have heard allergic purple epilepsy and allergic rhinitis, but it is not particularly understood by allergic conjunctivitis.

Allergic conjunctivitis, like allergic rhinitis, has caused abnormal reactions of the eye conjunctival after contacting the allergic source of pollen, dust mites, dust, or animal dandruff.

Patients are mainly symptoms such as tears, increased secretions, white eyes, or itchy eyes.When the eyes are itchy, some patients will unknowingly rub their eyes with their hands, but they always rub it more and more itchy. What is going on?

This is because after the allergic factor enters the body, the body will cause rejection reactions and inflammation at the same time.In this case, some inflammation media will occur, causing edema of the conjunctiva, and the nerve tissue of the conjunctiva area of the eye conjunction.

Patients can’t help rubbing their eyes with their hands, making their eyes become more and more red. If they do not pay attention to hand hygiene, they will also increase the risk of bacteria infection and make the disease more and more serious.How can we improve this situation?

Use only one trick to help you relieve itching.

When patients with allergic conjunctivitis, doctors usually recommend patients to improve itching symptoms by cold and ice -applying.

Because edema occurs in the eye, it can reduce local edema and fever symptoms by cold or ice -applying, which is conducive to reducing the irritation caused by inflammatory medium to the eye conjunction, so that the nerve tissue is no longer so sensitive, and itching symptoms can be reduced.

However, when you perform cold compresses, you should also pay attention to the following three aspects.

1. Choose clean towels and water

When patients with allergic conjunctivitis, when cold compresses, they must choose clean towels and clean cold water and ice water to prevent the towels from being too dirty. There are a lot of bacteria on it. When the bacteria enter the eyesStimulation and damage.

2. Control the temperature

In order to better improve the itching, some patients are directly applied to the eyes with ice packs. This is actually wrong.Because the ice pack is too cold, it may cause greater stimulation to the skin of the eyes.It is best to wrap the ice pack with a suitable thickness towel, and then contact the skin of the eye when the temperature is appropriate.

In addition, you can also use room temperature to soak the towel directly, and then gently twist a part of the water and contact the eye. It can also reduce the local blood circulation and reduce the itching sensation.

3. Don’t rub your eyes with a towel

In the process of cold compresses, even if the patient feels itching in the eyes, it is necessary to avoid using a towel to directly rub the eyes, so that the conjunctiva is excessively rubbed and the risk of congestion is increased.

In addition, the fiber and bacteria of the towels also cause more damage to tissues such as conjunctiva and eyeballs after entering the eyes, resulting in more red and swollen eyes, but will increase the condition.

After the occurrence of allergic conjunctivitis, patients can help them reduce the symptoms of eye itching by cold compresses. Pay attention to the above 3 points when cold compresses.

In addition to cold compresses, patients must be treated strictly in accordance with the doctor’s guidance. The eye drops cannot be used without permission, so as not to cause more stimulation and damage to the eye conjunctiva after using wrong drugs, which will cause inflammation to worsen.

In addition, patients must also actively cooperate with doctors to find allergens. In the usual life, we must strengthen care and avoid contact with these allergies as much as possible in order to effectively reduce the incidence of allergic conjunctivitis.

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