alert!Don’t make menstruation "surprised" the moon!What are the symptoms of menstrual abnormalities?Does it affect pregnancy?

Menstruation is a physiological symbol of women, and it can also feedback the health of women’s bodies.Traditional Chinese medicine says "the scriptures are as expensive", which means that women’s menstruation is reconciled.

1. Look at the menstrual cycle

Women can judge whether menstruation is normal by observing the menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle is generally about 28 to 30 days, but some people have a menstruation once every 40 days. This situation is normal.It belongs to normal situation, 3 to 5 days after menstruation or error, which is normal.

2. Look at the menstrual period

The menstrual period of women is generally 2 to 5 days. Generally, the menstrual blood volume is not much on the first day of menstruation.The amount of menstrual blood will be relatively small, and the endometrium of the endometrium on the second three days will increase, and the menstrual blood will increase.

3. Look at the amount of menstrual blood

Due to individual differences, women’s menstrual flow will also be different. Generally, 20 to 100 ml. Generally, women have to change 3 to 5 sanitary napkins a day during menstruation. In this case, it is normal.Too much amount, and even the blood flowing down the legs, this situation is abnormal.

4. Look at the color of menstrual blood

Normal menstrual blood is dark red, and the endometrium fragments that are mixed off in menstrual blood will be mixed off. If the color of menstruation appears pink or black and purple color, it is abnormal.Check the treatment to ensure good health.

Menstrual disorders are likely to affect pregnancy.Because menstruation may have several situations:

The first: Perhaps patients may not have ovulation at all.If there is no ovulation, of course, it is not easy to get pregnant.

Second: She may have ovulation, but her ovulation cycle may not be very regular.In other words, the exact ovulation date is not clear.

For some patients who live in two places, if this ovulation time may not be determined, they will affect their exact time in the same room.

Another situation is that this patient may have ovulation and ovulation time can be determined, but she may have other endocrine disorders, then it may also affect her pregnancy.Therefore, patients with irregular menstruation may have a great impact on pregnancy.

Patients with irregular menstruation, she is likely to have no ovulation, or she may have ovulation, but her ovulation is not very certain.So for these patients, if she wants to get pregnant, the more important question is that we have to know if she has ovulation?What time does ovulation happen?

Then, the best and simplest way can use some ovulation test note.Judging when she was ovulation by testing by a small test.

If the ovulation test strip cannot be completely solved, you can also go to the hospital to cooperate with the B -ultrasound for monitoring. B -ultrasound is the most intuitive way to monitor ovulation. It can see the growth and development of follicles under the B -ultrasound and ovulation.According to the results of the B -ultrasound, the same room time can be arranged reasonably, so that you can maximize the chance of pregnancy.

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