After women are pregnant, why not do chest diarrhea?What will happen to your body?Early understand

Some time ago, friends and editors talked about such a thing, that is, a friend’s previous unit had a medical examination. It was the unit’s welfare inspection cost company.When doing inspection items, the doctor asked friends between the inspection and whether he was pregnant and informed that he should not have a thoracic examination after pregnancy. Friends felt that they couldn’t hear it.So I didn’t listen to the doctor’s warning, and finished the chest threatening examination.

But after the examination, I found that I was pregnant and should have been very happy. However, my friend remembered that the doctor’s warning should not do not do the chest. I was very worried. I was afraid of what happened to the child. It really didn’t take long.Friends have a miscarriage. This makes friends very regrets that they can’t listen to the doctor, and let my friend have such a question. Why is it not suitable for chest diarrhea after pregnancy?What will the body become after doing it?This question will be answered to you.

Why is it not suitable for breast permeability after pregnancy? What happens after doing it?

First of all, it is not that all pregnant women can not perform chest diarrhea. If the fetus is found in 36 weeks after the fetus is found, and the fetus is basically mature.Large, as long as you have good care, you can still do it.For women in the first three months of pregnancy, it is necessary to actively avoid chest transparency. This method of examination is because this will cause serious damage to the fetus, resulting in abortion.Essence

This is mainly because the chest diarrhea test mainly depends on X -rays. This rays will cause certain damage even for adults. For the fetus, it will cause the abnormally damaged egg cells that have been damaged.Mutations, thereby inducing the problem of miscarriage, and may also cause problems such as malformed fetuses, dead tires, fetal defense, etc. Even if the child’s probability of suffering from various cancers after birthDetermine whether you are pregnant or do not know if you are pregnant, it is recommended not to do chest permeability, and be responsible for yourself to your child.

Is it necessary to have a miscarriage after pregnancy after pregnancy?

Although this kind of probability is very high, most women who are pregnant for about one month are about the problem of miscarriage after a chest diarrhea examination, because excessive X -rays will hurt unburned babies, which will induce abortion, which will induce abortion.It happened, but it is not necessarily the case. There are also very few women clinically conducted a chest diarrhea examination when they are pregnant. It is not a problem of abortion.Worrying about the situation of your child, I suggest you go to the hospital for a corresponding inspection to observe the situation of the good child. How should you solve it?

Here you need to tell you repeatedly that if you do n’t need to do your chest, CT, etc. You need to use X -ray inspection methods. If you really want to do it, it is recommended that the child’s development is better after three months.X -rays hurt children, leading to abortion malformations, and so on. If you want to avoid the impact of X -rays on children, the people who intend to prepare for pregnancy, from a healthy point of viewOr it is better to prepare for pregnancy after half a year.

Many times doctors will warn us some things, but many people will disagree. For example, Xiaobian’s friends, they think there is nothing, so they blindly checIn their own family, I hope that when you do inspection or treatment, ask the doctor’s suggestion. After all, they are professional. They eat this bowl of rice and listen to them right. You say right.

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