After vaccination with HPV vaccine, you get pregnant unexpectedly and continue or stop pregnancy?

The old saying often talks about drought drought, waterlogging and waterlogging death

There are sisters in this compartment that my baby has never wanted the baby

And when there are sisters here just finished the HPV vaccine

accidental pregnancy!

I believe that some fairies have experienced such experiences:

After finally reservation, the HPV vaccine of hand

Finally hit it ~

But … accidentally suddenly became pregnant during the vaccination?

Really happy and worrying ~ Do the rest of the needle still have to be hit?

Continue or stop?

That is of course …

Temporarily! Stop! Pick up! Planting!

Many Ma Ma will worry that even if the vaccination is suspended, it has been injected with a needle. Will sauce purple affect the health of the fetus and whether the baby is born will be defective.

At present, no study has been found to have an adverse effect on pregnant women and fetuses. However, for safety reasons, it is recommended that pregnant women do not vaccinate. If the HPV vaccine has been injected, the subsequent vaccine injection should be suspended after pregnancy, and the remaining vaccines are injected after delivery.

Studies have proved that in terms of vaccine components or related data, adverse pregnancy fertility does not have a direct relationship with the HPV vaccine injection.

There are no hormones and harmful ingredients in the vaccine. The main components of the vaccine are: protein and some agents (the main ingredients are aluminum), and the nine -valent HPV vaccine is taken as an example.

Sales can assist the production of antibodies and enhance immune effects.Vaccine agent is a non -specific immune enhancer. When injection with the antigen or injects the body in advance, it can enhance the immune response of the body’s antigen or change the type of immune response.

The protein is mainly caused by the immunity of the human body. Therefore, the vaccine itself is not a virus, it is protein, without the function of virus, and does not cause virus infections.

(The picture intercepts from the instructions for use of the 9 -valent HPV vaccine drug)

In addition, the American FDA is classification of category B for the medication of HPV vaccine during pregnancy. No vaccine has a adverse effect on the fetus in animal research.

(Inelection from the 9 -price HPV vaccine manual)

A study published online on March 30, 2017 on March 30, 2017 shows that the vaccine of four -valent -virus nipple virus (HPV) vaccine during pregnancy will not increase the risk of bad pregnancy ending.

(Official website of New England Medical Magazine)

Studies were samples of 64,9389 women who were included in Denmark from 2006-2013, and the vaccination situation of the group was associated with the information ending information of bad pregnancy to analyze its correlation.

There are vaccine exposure in the presetting time window to match the ratio of 1: 4 without vaccine exposure.The date of vaccine exposure is defined as the date of the first vaccination or the date of the prescription.

The definition of exposed time window range is different according to different research endings.The ending includes natural miscarriage, death, major birth defects, less than fetal age, low birth weight, and premature birth.

The above paragraph is relatively professional. To sum up, it is simply: Through experiments, it is found that compared with women who are exposed to quadranga HPV vaccines, the ending of bad pregnancy ending has not increased significantly. ↓

(Analysis of correlation between pregnancy vaccination and bad ending)

And because the current research is not sufficient, not to mention that pregnancy is a very important stage in women’s life. For safety reasons, try to avoid vaccination.

So, the problem is here again. What should I do if I get pregnant accidentally during the HPV vaccine?

The mane during pregnancy should be suspended first, wait for the baby, and wait for the lactation to take the remaining injections.

If the pregnant woman has passed the prescribed time injection, is it effective?

WHO (World Health Organization), CDC, vaccine textbooks and HPV vaccine related documents are not recommended to start vaccination.

Subsequent interruptions and more than 12 months, only the remaining vaccine is needed.If there are two stitches left, you must also be hit according to the interval between the vaccination. The interval between the two stitches should not be too short.

At present, there are not enough data to indicate that the vaccine will be invalid after more than one year of vaccination. On the contrary, from the principle of domestic research data and vaccine antibody production, delaying vaccination will not significantly affect the production of the final antibody.

However, it should be noted that a needle or two -needle vaccine does not guarantee that effective antibodies will definitely produce. Only after three stitches can be used to produce effective antibodies.Therefore, when you only take a needle, if you are exposed to danger, there are still high -risk infection with HPV.

Therefore, don’t trust the rumors, you can rest assured to vaccinate

PS: Women who have a pregnancy plan in half a year are not recommended

So sisters

It is important to arrange the HPV vaccine reasonably!Intersection

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends girls 9 to 13 as the preferred group of HPV vaccines.

The best time for HPV vaccine is before the first sexual behavior to minimize the history of HPV exposure.

Compared with older teenagers and young women, the HPV vaccine has a stronger immune response among girls before adolescence, the level of antibody is higher, and the protection of vaccines on individuals is greater.

Even if you have sex, you can inoculate the HPV vaccine ~

There are four HPV vaccines on the market, which are domestic/imported 2 -valent HPV vaccines, imported 4 -valent HPV vaccines and imported 9 -valent HPV vaccines.

Inocular HPV vaccine cannot be blind

It is very necessary to master the precautions before and after vaccination

The answer is not needed.

Whether or not you have infected HPV, you can vaccinate.

Even if HPV detection is positive, the HPV subtype infected infected does not necessarily include the scope of the vaccine.After vaccination, as long as you insist on strengthening your own immunity, you will still have the opportunity to turn overcast.

Theoretically, inoculates the physiological period.However, experts suggest that it is best to avoid the physiological period during vaccination with HPV vaccines; sisters can conduct relevant consultations at the time of appointment.

If it is a slight cold, it usually does not affect the vaccination;

If you have a heavy cold, fever, or other serious discomfort, you must not be vaccinated.Patients who are undergoing immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy should avoid vaccination.

If you don’t know if you can take it in, or take some drugs at the same time, consult a doctor before making an appointment.

After vaccination HPV vaccine, the HPV antibody in the body takes a certain time. Generally, HPV antibodies will be generated in the body in 2-3 weeks. Of course, after the first needle is completedThe protection effect required by HPV virus.You need to finish 3 injections, and the second and third pins need to be used to strengthen the immune process.

The vaccine does not treat the HPV virus, so the original HPV that was originally infected would not be cleared.

Vaccination can only stimulate the human immune system and allow the human body to obtain immunity without the treatment effect.

Cervical cancer is the most common female malignant tumor in my country. Although the continuous high -risk HPV infection is the main cause of the disease.

But the vaccine cannot prevent HPV infection 100 %.Therefore, even if an HPV vaccine is injected, cervical cancer is likely to be injected.


It is necessary to stick to cervical cancer screening

Strive for early and early treatment.


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Prevention is the beginning of self -protection

Action immediately, scientifically vaccinate

Promote early inoculation

Early vaccination, benefit early

Sisters, rush.

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