After three months of cesarean section, I found that I was pregnant for two months.

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A 28 -year -old mother in Nanjing, Jiangsu went to the hospital for review three months after giving birth, and actually found that he was two months pregnant!”3 months after giving birth and 2 months pregnant”

And her child was born in a cesarean section. The doctor felt particularly embarrassed in the face of her situation. If she was going to make people, it was a high -risk abortion. After all, she had just given birth to the cesarean section for three months.Restore, at this time, if there is a miscarriage, there are actually dangerousness.

And it is difficult to leave this child.

After all, the World Health Organization recommends regenerating children after cesarean section. The best period is two years.If the uterus will be enlarged within two years, the risk of uterine rupture will increase greatly!

And this mother also felt very embarrassed. After all, she was with her husband after the postpartum was cleaned. At that time, she thought that she was breastfeeding, and she didn’t have menstruation. She should not get pregnant. She didn’t expect to be pregnant at all!

Doctors remind that postpartum menstruation does not recover does not mean that it will not ovulate. Some people ovulate first and then menstruation. If there is no timely contraception, it is likely to cause the postpartum soon to conceive the child.

In fact, there will be some two brothers or two sisters around us. For example, there is one year of birth and one born at the end of the year. There are really a lot of this, especially in the countryside without contraceptive consciousness.

In fact, menstruation did not come after giving birth. Many people thought that they would not be pregnant, and they would get pregnant for a while.

The reason why this mother is pregnant is that this involves the "breastfeeding contraceptive method" that many people find it!

Many doctors have not classified breastfeeding contraceptive methods to orthodox contraceptive methods, because of this contraceptive method, the success rate is not particularly high and it is easy to fail.

Condition 1: Within 6 months after giving birth.

The second condition: breastfeeding with one -time specialty, and breastfeeding on demand, no supplementary food, and no water to the child

This is a point that many mothers ignore. We suggest that pure breastfeeding. If the mother add milk powder to the child, then it is not a pure maternal breastfeeding. Once the milk powder is added, the effect of the breastfeeding contraceptive method will be greatly reduced.

There are also some mothers who think that children drink breast milk a little thirsty and will give the child water. Once the child drinks water, this breastfeeding contraceptive method is also easy to fail.

There is also a mother who may feel that her breast milk is not enough, or if she is going to work, she will add supplementary food to the child in advance. Once a supplementary food is added, this breastfeeding method will also fail.

Third condition: postpartum menstruation did not recover

This is also a key point. If the mother has been restored three or four months after giving birth, the effect of breastfeeding contraceptives will become poor.

On the whole, the contraceptive method of breastfeeding is very strict, and the success rate is not particularly high. In addition, the mother may not fully recover after giving birth. In order to avoid infection, it is recommended that mothers use condoms for contraception.

The first aspect: postpartum recovery

Why do you have to confine after giving birth?

It is because when the mother’s body is pregnant, it has been greatly oppressed expansion and a great change in physiological. Therefore, after the postpartum confinement is to allow us to return to normal levels due to the physical change caused by pregnancy.

Therefore, the mother should eat more nutritious foods when confinement, and pay attention to rest, and pay attention to avoid moving heavy objects, otherwise it will easily affect the recovery of the uterus.

The second aspect: breastfeeding

Now most mothers still choose to drink breast milk for children when they are young, because breast milk is an irreplaceable best food for babies.

When breastfeeding is breastfeeding, this breastfeeding error should also be avoided, such as drinking while breastfeeding, or drinking some confinement wine.

These are not conducive to the quality of breast milk, which may cause children to consume alcohol and affect the development of the child’s brain.

Therefore, my mother cannot touch alcohol during breastfeeding, and even our old people suggest that the confinement wine that we drink is not recommended.

Do not eat big fish with breastfeeding, and vegetables and fruits should be eaten. Balanced nutrition can make our milk quality more balanced and the baby’s nutrition is better.

When breastfeeding, the mother is not completely unable to exercise, but she has to rest for a while after exercise and give her children breast milk.

When breastfeeding, pay attention to wearing appropriate underwear to avoid sagging breasts.

Many mothers say that the breasts will sag after feeding. This is most likely that when the mother is breastfeeding, she does not pay attention to wearing the right underwear. As a result, the breasts are vertically vertical because of the effect of suffering and gravity.

Third aspect: mental health

Moms should pay attention to their psychological health after childbirth, because the incidence of postpartum depression is getting higher and higher. Many mothers have to take care of their children, coupled with their family members’ not support, etc., which will lead to emotional postpartum feelings.Very depression, and even feels meaningless in life.

From time to time, I heard that someone hugged the child from the high -rise building. These were caused by postpartum depression.

Therefore, if the mother feels that she is low or irritable, she can’t sleep well. At this time, go to the doctor in time.

Pregnant children are a great burden on the mother’s body, so you must pay attention to protecting yourself after giving birth, and contraception is also important.

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