After the same room, what happened to women’s "below" bleeding?Doctor: Can’t escape these 5 reasons


Hello everyone, I am Dr. Daming, and I will explain to you about the knowledge about bleeding below.

For people, the participation of sexual life in normal life is because sex life is a basic physiological activity of the human body. HoweverExcessive sexual life is not conducive to human health!

In normal life, many girls have symptoms of bleeding, which surprised many people!So, after the same room, what happened to the bleeding below of women?If you are also interested, let’s take a look together.

1. vaginitis

There are many types of vaginitis. Common vaginitis includes moldy vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, and senile vaginitis.

Generally speaking, after suffering from vaginitis, there are usually symptoms of vulvar itching and increased leucorrhea, and the symptoms of vaginal mucosal edema, congestion or ulceration often appear; during the sexual life, the vagina is stimulated to flow out of the secretion of blood with blood.Things!At the same time, the vagina will have a burning sensation.

It can be seen that vaginitis has a certain impact on human health, and it is not appropriate to do intercourse during vaginitis!

2. Endometriosis

When endometriosis appears in the cervix, the blue -purple nodules appear on the surface of the cervix with the naked eye. When encountering these atomicarial lesions during sexual life, it is easy to cause the symptoms of bleeding.

Generally speaking, the general blood volume caused by this situation is small, the blood stains are dark red, and some patients may also have symptoms of abdominal pain.

3. vaginal tear bleeding

If there is a large amount of bleeding after sexual life and a long bleeding time, it can be regarded as vaginal tear bleeding. Generally speaking, this symptom is more common in rough sexual behavior; it may also be due to vaginal dysplasia, double vagina, etc.; It may also be because the vaginal plastic surgery, hymen repair, uterine resection, etc. have not healed well.

If men’s movements are too rude, and their posture is improper, or women can easily cause vaginal bleeding symptoms during puerperium!

4. The hymen rupture

When women perform sexual life for the first time, some women’s women’s women’s membranes are thick and hard. In the process of sexual life, it is easy to cause a small amount of bleeding and mild pain due to the cracked hymen!In this case, the amount of bleeding is generally not much, which can be stopped in a short time.

5. Medicine influence

If you take short -term contraceptives, one of the side effects is that the symptoms of vaginal bleeding may occur.However, it should be noted that if the bleeding occurs, frequent bleeding occurs due to taking short -term contraceptives!Well, this medicine may not be suitable for taking it again.

1. Don’t ignore security measures

Although men will use condoms during the process of sexual life, women must also remember to prepare for safety to avoid pregnancy. It is recommended that women put condoms and lubricants in the private parts of the bedroom, and regularly check and check and checkAdd, don’t feel that things don’t care about yourself.

2. Do a good job of cleaning the outer genital

In sexual life, both husband and wife must keep the vulva clean, because women’s labia and clitoris will have many secretions, and male glans and foreskin will also have secretions. Therefore, they need to be cleaned carefully before and after sex.Can prevent balanitis and foreskinitis, thereby reducing the risk of urinary system and genital infection.

In addition, women should not rinse the vagina with water, because under normal circumstances, the vagina has a self -cleaning function, and its lactic acid liquid can protect the vaginal mucosa and inhibit or kill harmful bacteria.

3. Pay attention to time

For women, pay attention not to sex during menstruation, so as not to occur in infection. In severe cases, there will even be symptoms of extension of menstrual bleeding time!

In normal times, many women do not pay attention to the protection of menstruation, and they still have sex during menstruation. This approach can easily induce the emergence of some gynecological diseases, and it may also lead to female infertility!Therefore, menstrual period must not be performed.

4. Relieve tension

If sexual life is too nervous, it will easily affect the quality of sexual life and personal experience; therefore, before sexual life, we must understand relevant knowledge and correctly face sexual life to be physically and mentally happy.

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