After the flow of people, I was lying in the operating room again

Many women who have become pregnant in less than a month when they have a flow of people are there. After encountering this situation, many patients will often be confused. How can she get pregnant again after menstruation has not recovered after menstruation?

Recently, I encountered such a patient …

In fact, it is not uncommon for such patients. Most people think that "just do the flow of people will not get pregnant", but this cognition is extremely dangerous. The same room within one month after the flow of people is not only easy to cause pregnancy again, but it may also be possible.Causes gynecological inflammation infection.

If the abortion is resumed properly, most women can return to normal ovulation in about 20 days after surgery, and a small number of women will recover in about 40 days because of different constitution. ThereforeIf there is no protective measure, the chance of pregnancy is very high.


How long can I have room after the flow of people?

Expert answers: It takes one month after the flow of people to be in the same room .. How much harm to the same room prematurely …


How long can I have room after the flow of people?

The endometrium trauma within one month after the abortion did not fully recover.If the same room is carried out prematurely, the bacteria brought into the vagina can easily rise and cause gynecological diseases such as endometritis.If you have the same room in a short period of time after surgery, you will increase the chance of infection. After the abortion, you must wait for the body to recover before the same room.

Therefore, doctors will tell patients after surgery that they cannot have the same room for one month after surgery.

If you do not realize the importance of this, the same room early after surgery is not only easy to get inflammation of the genital tract, but also more likely to cause pelvic infections in the pelvic cavity in the uterine cavity, such as pelvic inflammatory disease.

Once the infection occurs, women will have fever, abdominal pain, and vaginal pus.What is even more terrible is that infection may also cause damage and adhesion of endometrium, adhesion and blockage of fallopian tubes, causing infertility.

In addition to the premature room after the flow of people, in addition to causing infection, it is more worried about the doctor, that is, you are pregnant again in a short period of time, and you can only perform surgery again.

After finishing the flow = contraception?Don’t be naive!If you do not have contraception after abortion, you will be pregnant in the month!

Abortion is equivalent to a menstrual period. The follicles on the ovaries after abortion start to grow, and ovulation can be restored after half a month.If you do n’t learn lessons, you still do n’t take measures in the same room, and about 25%of people will “recruit” again.


How long can I get pregnant after abortion?

It is best to get pregnant after half a year after the abortion surgery.

The endometrium of artificial abortion requires a repair process. In a short period of time, hormone levels may be temporarily disorder. Due to the unstable environment in the uterus, and re -pregnancy, it is easy to affect the planting of the embryo.Essence

Therefore, at least 3 months after abortion, it is best to consider pregnancy in half a year.

And it is recommended to rest more after the abortion surgery to avoid cooling and exhaustion.


After the abortion before, do 5 points to protect yourself

Do a good check before surgery

Before the abortion, you must follow the doctor’s advice to do a good test. If you find that vaginitis and cervical tubulitis are not suitable for surgery, you should actively treat it and do not bring the disease.Causes infection.

Postoperative prevention infection

If necessary, doctors will prescribe some anti -inflammatory drugs after surgery to prevent postoperative infections.

Pay attention to clean after surgery

Pay attention to hygiene after performing surgery, such as cleaning the vulva daily and replacing underwear, especially after the stool.

Restrain the same room

It is generally recommended to stop sex after people flow for one month.I can’t hold it, at least half a month, so that the endometrium can be recovered well, and the wound can heal.

Do a good job of contraception

After the abortion, we must take contraceptive measures.The first push condom can prevent diseases, but also contraceptives; secondly, short -acting oral contraceptives are recommended, which can promote the recovery of endometrial endometrium, prevent damage and adhesion of endometrial endometrium, and help reduce postoperative bleeding.

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In any case, it is reminded that female friends should cherish their bodies and take contraception when there is no fertility; accidents must seek doctor help in time, and choose a reasonable and suitable abortion plan; do not be lucky after surgery., Rest, reduce the damage to lower.

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